Right now I’m (hopefully) on a hard hike in the fjords of Norway with the mysterious Simon Black of SovereignMan.com.

And it’s quite possible we’re having a conversation on the exact same topic you’re going to read about.

After all, it’s something that can help his business – and yours too.

So here’s the $7 “make money-money” system that you can use to unlock stored value and profits. It’s the BIG lesson from this week’s issue of “What’s Working Wednesday”.

First, a bit of background…

In my Turbulence Training business, I’ve created many $19.95 front end offers for my membership site. These all consist of a great offer (3 for 1 deals) that lead into a free month in my member’s area, followed by $19.95 per month if the reader chooses to remain a member.

This was one way />This was one way to leverage my past content creation.

But the membership component reduced front-end conversions and therefore the number of new customers from affiliates.

So I’ve experimented with releasing a few of thesasing a few of these $19.95 offers as one-time sale, no-continuity $7 offers.

(I’ve tested $7 vs $9.95, and there were more order with $7. My colleagues have tested $7 vs $17 and claim there to be no difference in front end orders. Certainly warrants more testing.)

The results of the $7 Sales System?

When running a $7 promotion, you make a large volume of front-end sales.

(TIP: If you’re working with a big affiliate, you might offer them 100% commission to make up for the low absolute commission on the $7 price point.)

But your net profit will be made on up-sells and by selling additional products – first by cross-selling to other solutions, then bundles, then long-term packages.

(Side note: You’ll likely get a lot of international orders, probably because this is the first thing they could afford.)

Main benefits of a $7 “No-Brainer” offer

1) You get lots of new 1st-time customers added to your customer funnel (from both your own prospect list & from affiliates). This is (obviously) extremely important.

As Michael Masterson told me, “A business should spend 80% of its resources on new customer acquisition. It’s the lifeblood of any business.

2) You profit through strategic up-sells.

Follow this exact step-by-step formula for your sales flow:

Step #1: Main Product + Bonuses
Step #2: “Done-for-You” Automated Upsell
Step #3: Accelerated Results Upsell

Review the 24-7 product launch bonus in the FIM customer area for more details.

3) You will release stored value in currently underutilized content/products that you’ve created. (I simply package up the products delivered on a monthly basis to my members.)

4) You create a new way for affiliates to make easy money because they’ll make dozens or hundreds of sales.

5) It provides the first-step for international clients to Know-Like-Trust you as a customer

6) The $7 sale has a “Customer appreciation” aspect to it… past customers appreciate the low-cost offer compared to all of the other high-priced products that have been promoted to them in the past. They feel they are stealing a deal here.

7) It gives past customers a taste of other offerings & gets them thinking about upgrading to various “All Access Passes” or Lifetime memberships.

The $7 Sales System is a simple way to inject cash and new  customers into your business.

And if you believe, as I do, that getting the first dollar from a prospect is the key to long-term profits, then you’ll see the value of this strategy.

Unlock your profits today,

Craig Ballantyne

“Everyone lives by selling something.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Craig Ballantyne

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