Seduction Marketing

Picture this…

You’re out with friends. Single and looking, you lock eyes with a woman whose glance stops your breath. Excited, you take a second look. Your face flushes and your knees wobble. You feel 16 again.

Yet you’re smart enough to know one thing. If the first words out of your mouth have anything to do with what you’re thinking right now, you’re more likely to go home with a black eye than with her.

To have a shot, you need a different approach. You introduce yourself. Establish common interests. Reveal a little something about yourself. Listen as she does the same. Until she’s starting to show signs that she’s into you, too.

Only then, do you ask…

The same is true in marketing — especially online.

You can quickly turn a prospect off — and lose them forever — by asking for the sale too soon.

How to seduce your customers

This article is about what to do, not how to do it. Strategy, not specific tactics. We’re not dealing with marketing “pick-up lines” here. This is a specific approach you can take called Multi-Step Marketing.

The idea behind Multi-Step Marketing is that, instead of asking for the sale immediately, you ask prospects to begin a friendly relationship with you.

You ask them to take a small, no-obligation step. And that step is to give you permission to contact them again. They give you their contact information in exchange for some valuable information. A free special report or mini-course. You deliver that valuable information as promised.

Then you continue to deliver valuable information over a period of days, weeks, or months. You build the relationship until they’re ready to take that next step. Until they’re ready to commit.

Until they’re ready to buy!

Why seduction marketing works so well

Before I got into marketing, I learned everything I could about psychology. I’ve always been fascinated by how our minds work.

Multi-Step Marketing is a great example of this. You see, in the deepest recesses of our minds, there are powerful instincts that drive our thoughts and behavior. Instincts that helped our ancestors survive. Instincts that, when we encounter something new, say, “Don’t trust that until you’re sure it won’t hurt you.”

Those same instincts fire off when we’re approached by a stranger. Those same instincts fire off when a new person or company tries to sell us something. Those are the same instincts that we, as marketers, need to overcome if we want to make the sale. And Multi-Step Marketing helps us do just that.

Seduction marketing in action

A bit back, I was thinking I could publish an information product based on my hobby of playing ice hockey. As I looked into the market, I brainstormed how Multi-Step Marketing would work in this business:

  • First, none of my banner ads, Google ads, or any other ways of driving traffic to my website would actually sell my product (a hockey skills-building system). Instead, they’d offer free information, such as “Hockey Players: Free Report Reveals #1 Way to Improve Puck-Handling” or “Hockey Speed Secrets: Free Report Will Boost Your Skating Speed in 3 Days.”
  • Once a prospect clicked through to my website, the page they’d land on — the “landing page” — would not sell anything either. Instead, it would build on the promise of free information. It would also give them a way to get the free information — a form for providing me with their name and e-mail address. (A service like Aweber at has copy-paste tools for adding these forms to your website.)
  • As soon as they submitted their name and e-mail address, I’d send them an e-mail fulfilling the promise of free information. It would give them download instructions for the report.
  • I’d set up an autoresponder series, continuing to give valuable information related to my skills-building system. While I could refer to my product, and even link to the sales page, the primary focus of these e-mails would be to continue to give real value to the prospect.
  • Finally, after giving away enough good information to establish trust and credibility, I could start sending e-mails selling my system.

One area where seduction marketing generates notably large profits

Multi-Step Marketing works particularly well in self-publishing. And I like the self-publishing industry for a number of reasons. A self-publishing business is easy to start, has low expenses and high profit margins, can leverage your passions and experiences into significant income, and can give you the lifestyle you dream of.

The Multi-Step Marketing approach makes it easy to grow your own self-publishing business — in your spare time or as a full-time gig — quickly and affordably, without having to be a marketing genius.

If you’ve started a self-publishing business — or are considering starting one — try it. See how Multi-Step Marketing can help you generate more profits quicker.

[Ed. Note: This article was adapted from one that appeared in Spare-Time Biz Success, an e-letter covering business opportunities that you can start in your spare time to generate a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand dollars in extra monthly income. If you’re looking for a complete roadmap to starting your own self-publishing business, check out Self Publishing: Your Complete Business Plan for Creating a Life Without Borders.]