Secrets of the World’s Most Productive Old Man

He’s 60 years old and gets more done in a day that me and you combined.

He’s a tough act to follow.

His name, Mark Ford. Under his pen-name, Michael Masterson, he’s written almost 20 books, and in this free interview he explains…

– How he does it all
– Which of his books you need if you’re an entrepreneur…
– And his best book for developing $1 million in savings
– The downsides to being focused on productivity
– The best books he’s read recently

And much, much more. You’re going to love this interview with my mentor.

Learn how to be more productive and get wealthy

You’ll get a kick out of his stories about his cigar bar, the last time he went to a grocery store, and the strangest place that he had a nap.

Let me know your questions for round 2 of the interview,

Craig Ballantyne