Second Time’s a Charm

This is the second opportunity I’ve had to make a meaningful impact on your business life – and I want to get right down to work.

You have a business – new or old, large or small, successful or struggling. I have the methods for making it grow, prosper, and thrive. More importantly, I can teach you how to do all that easier, faster, safer, and with far less stress than the way you’ve been trying to do it.

And I’m going to prove that to you right now by using one of ETR’s loyal subscribers as an example.

His name is Doug. (No last name needed.) Doug is frustrated and feeling beleaguered. (Perhaps you are, too.) He’s struggling and up against a mental wall. (Sound familiar?) Doug hasn’t enjoyed the success or results he’s been expecting since he started his business. So he asked me this question:

“What advice/resources would you give to an over-40 entrepreneur who has not had a lot of financial success in his life? The problem seems to me to be psychological.”


Apparently, Doug feels that his problem is something “inside” him – low self-image, perhaps… or low expectations. And he desperately wants to know how he (you?) can step out of this mental “miasma.”

I’d like to get Doug on the phone or in my office for a day so I could totally transform his thinking. But let’s do a quick-fix “mindset intervention” here – for him and all of you who feel the same way. Are you ready? OK. Let’s go…

First, recognize that success is a combination of ability and possibility… all mixed with the healthy understanding that failure is not a permanent state – only a temporary response to a test or experiment that didn’t work out.

Stated differently, most of you are needlessly limiting, restricting, and unintentionally impeding the level of success, income,  certainty, and control you can have in business – all because you’re not seeing how much more you can really do.

Stop doing that!

I’ve seen more than 450 different companies flourish. I’ve analyzed strategies that provided maximum results and prosperity and those that didn’t. I’ve studied the greatest leaders in over 100 industries. And here’s what I’ve learned…

First of all, in business, being a good marketer is the key difference between mediocrity and making millions, tens of millions… even billions.

Great marketing multiplies every effort into many times bigger results. Great marketing makes one-time buyers turn into repeat, ongoing income streams. Great marketing lets you go from limited incremental growth and profits to unlimited geometric growth and booming prosperity.

So the first thing you have to do to change your negative mindset is become a more masterful marketer. That can increase your long-term business success rate by more than 10 times – if you know how to do it right. (And that’s why I’m going to focus on teaching you how to be a far better marketer in the articles I’m going to be writing for ETR.)

Next, you need to develop what I call “funnel vision” instead of “tunnel vision.” When you have funnel vision, you see with absolute certainty not only what is possible – but also exactly how to engineer and successfully achieve any and all realistic (or even audacious) goals you set for yourself.

My way of developing funnel vision is to study different approaches that have been “borrowed” from one industry and successfully adapted for use in another industry. What you learn is that if you are the first one to use such a concept in your industry, it could skyrocket your success. Stated differently – a business-building approach that’s as common as dirt in one industry can have the profit-making impact of an atom bomb… if you are the first/only one in your industry to try it. (More about this in upcoming articles.)

There’s one more factor involved in greatly improving your success in business. You need to become an expert in three techniques that I’ll be elaborating on in the weeks to come: (1) masterminding, (2) testing various assumptions, and (3) building on multiple income streams, revenue sources, and profit centers.

So, Doug (and everyone else who feels the same way), as you can see, success in business has nothing to do with your psychological makeup. It’s all about developing a certainty about what works and what doesn’t… and what works better and best… to build a recurring business income model.

Unfortunately, they don’t teach this at business school. But that’s what I’m going to do – in easy-to-master installments – in the weeks and months to come.