Rogue Fitness Review of the 2nd TT Summit

On Monday morning I woke up to this…

…a rogue fitness expert’s review of my TT Summit.

I thought it was amazing he would do this, and I wanted to share it with you here:

Unofficially awesome review of the TT Summit

It’s amazing how much effort he put into this…great insights.

You’ll discover…

1) My Top 10 Time Management & Productivity Tips

2) Cara Eckerman’s AWESOME tip on hiring employees/other trainers

3) The #1 bootcamp trend predicted by Bedros Keuilian

NOTE: We proved Bedros’ point with the workouts that Mike Whitfield, Certified TT Trainer, and I delivered in the morning before day 2 of the Summit.

There’s even a short clip of Bootcamp workout on this site here

4) The Missing Link in Creating a 7-Figure Facility from Scratch with Alwyn Cosgrove

5) Mike Whitfield’s “Three’s Company 3-Minute Finisher” (video)

6) How to Get Exactly What You Want in Life (includes a short clip of my presentation on this)

7) And the THREE biggest action steps that this rogue fitness expert worked on IMMEDIATELY after the seminar.


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I’ve decided to go “on tour” a lot more this year.

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Craig Ballantyne, CTT
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