Get Rich with Your Network

When it comes to success, WHO you know matters the most. You need to know the right people.

If you do, you can get rich.

It’s that simple.

WHO you know matters more than WHAT you know.

It was true in the 50’s and it’s true today…for better or for  worse…Don’t get mad if you don’t like the way that works.

Instead, find out how to profit from it.

Because just knowing the right information isn’t enough.

My friends Joel Marion, John Romaniello, Vince Del Monte, and Isabel De Los Rios all figured this out.

They realized they needed to know me in order to succeed  in the online fitness world. So they joined my Mastermind  groups or got personal coaching from me.

And today they are all 7-figure earners.

They got rich by knowing the right people.

Because the right people give you the REAL inside information, introduce you to other people you MUST know, and help you  make real money and get real results.

This is quite politically incorrect in this day and age of  everyone being “equal”.

But the truth is the truth is the truth.

It even worked for me.

I was a no one before hiring my first coach.

And I was just moderately successful before I joined my first Mastermind.

That’s when I started accumulating wealth and power – thanks to the people that I met along the way.

And then when I finally met Matt Smith, I was able to get exactly what I wanted in life. I now have the business of my dreams thanks to him and  the people that HE knew.

Listen, if you don’t know the right people who can help you, it’s almost impossible to succeed. This is true for business, for relationships and for  anything else you can imagine.

You can’t go it alone and expect to make money with your website.  (Again, I’m sorry, but it’s the cold, hard truth.)

I worked online in obscurity for almost 5 years before I started to  network and meet people who could help me in my journey to build  a real business online.

And back in the day when I had no connections, I worked two or three  times as hard and got less than half of the results I get now.  Nothing  changed except I took the time to get out there and meet people who  could help me.

By the way, back then, you still had to physically GO places (hundreds
of miles away at a cost of $3000 per seminar or more) just to meet the  right people.

But not today.

You can connect with like-minded powerful people for a fraction of that investment. That’s why I created the Virtual Mastermind.  Because I knew  that the traditional mastermind format was too expensive for a lot of people.

Our members have already formed numerous valuable relationships on the inside.

Nick Pineault found 23 affiliates for his recent launch. They helped him  promote his product, make money and get customers. And Nick is just getting started. The VM helped him form those vital early relationships. I can’t wait to see how many more big deals he closes in 2013.

Kate Vidulich found advice and key expertise to help her get her business  off the ground. She found affiliates who were willing to mail her offer to  their lists. That helped her build an instant customer base and prove that  she had a valuable business idea.

Rick Kaselj, a VM member, just had a 6-figure launch a few months ago. How did Rick do it? He built relationships. He is now good friends with many  other rich people.

And that’s just a small sample of the valuable networking that goes on inside  the Virtual Mastermind.

Our current members know that the best way to rapidly build their business is to surround themselves with people who have done it and are doing it.

You can dramatically expand your opportunities if you understand how to grow your network. If you want to build a business that generates big bucks, surround yourself with entrepreneurs who have successful businesses.

That’s why I want give you a FINAL opportunity to join the Virtual Mastermind.

Think about it like this…if you want to go network at a conference, it will cost  you $3,000 plus airfare and hotel in order to meet people.  If you want to join  a top-level in-person mastermind, it will cost you $20,000+ a year.

This won’t cost you anything like that.

In fact, the Virtual Mastermind will cost you only $97 to try it out (you’d spend  more than that just on your hotel room to attend a live event). And I’ve prepared special materials that will show you, step-by-step, exactly how to build  your all-important network.

You’ll get immediate access to that video and to this amazing network when you accept my invitation to join the Virtual Mastermind on a risk-free trial basis.

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Remember, if you’re looking to build wealth, “who you know” is MORE IMPORTANT than any other factor. .

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Get to know the right people today,

Craig Ballantyne

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