Rescue Me?

Have you ever been in the middle of an online purchase and, for whatever reason – pre-buyer’s remorse, second thoughts – decided not to continue with it and backed out of the sales page?

If you did, I’m sure you’ve seen those little windows that magically appear on your computer screen.

They’re known as “rescue pop-ups,” and many successful e-tailers use them in a last-minute attempt to save the sale. Some of these pop-ups ask you if you’re sure you want to end the purchase (in case you backed out of the page by accident). Others offer you an incentive to continue with the purchase, perhaps free shipping or a discount.

Recently, some sites have taken a multi-channel approach that encourages the user to “click here to speak to a live person.” In essence, you’re crossing from one marketing channel to another – going from click to call. This is especially attractive to customers who feel hesitant about doing an online transaction… or who simply need that extra human interaction before making the purchase.

Although some find rescue pop-ups intrusive or annoying, they definitely serve a purpose. And if even one sale is saved as a result, it’s worth it for the e-tailer. Hey, if your customers don’t want to see ‘em, they can always enable their pop-up blockers!

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