When You Want to Quit

Some days I want to quit. In fact, there are days I wake up and I don’t even want to start.

That’s a damaging admission, but it’s the truth.

But that’s life. There will be some downs to go with all of the ups, particularly when you are getting started.

In fact, for me, there were so many dips in the road to success you’d think I was riding an eternal roller coaster.

But as I tell my fat loss clients over and over and over again, “Never, ever, ever give up.”

Winston Churchill was right. Don’t give up on that which is important to you. <= And that’s a key point.

There’s good persistence (going after things that matter to you) and bad persistence (chasing things that either aren’t right for you or that don’t really matter).

You need to consciously review your goals to make sure that all of the effort you are putting into chasing your goals is in the end actually worth the time and energy.

And that all starts with choosing to pursue what’s best for you.

Do a goal review today.

Be brutally honest with yourself.

Are you chasing money for the sake of money and sacrificing health and relationships?

If so, then reconsider the advice about never giving up. Perhaps you should channel that energy into something else, instead.

Sometimes it IS okay to give up.

But if you’re pursuing better health because, frankly, you need to  change or you’ll meet an early demise, then do NOT give up.

Bottom line:
Step #1 – Identify what it is that REALLY matters to you.
Step #2 – Then go after it, heart and soul.
Step #3 – Never give up, because it IS important to you.

Stay strong. I’ll be right here persevering beside you.

Q: I started reading, listening and watching personal development  programmes april last year. I recognised small positive changes  during the journey but i still struggle to believe in myself and  also stay committed.What can I do to have that firm belief in my  abilities and how can i stay 100% committed to personal development? – Luzuko

You just keep going and keep studying and keep improving and never give up. After all, what else are you going to do, quit?

No, you are NOT going to quit.

You’re going to keep going and you’re going to get what you after. Stay strong. Get stronger.

I’m proud of you for trying, for never quitting, and for getting better.

Q: I’m having trouble really nailing down specific goals. Any suggestions on how to formulate goals? I can get general (eg write a book) but then have trouble comitting to the specific (what to write about, for example) – Alex

If you don’t know what to write about, then you shouldn’t be  writing a book. That’s not the right goal for you.

Follow-up Q: Well, that is more of an example. My problem seems to be getting stuck making my goals specific.


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Stay strong, my friends.

And keep on pushing,

Craig Ballantyne

Add value. Help others. Make the world a better place one small  act of kindness at a time.

You don’t have to change yourself  or the world in a day…just get better each and every single  day and help out those around you.