Quick Calorie Burning Workout Tips

Hey, if you messed up on your diet, I have important advice for you below…

But first, you’re getting a quick workout tip…

New research shows that “wearable gadgets” like the Fitbit are highly inaccurate, so you can’t trust them.

The same goes for cardio machines… one study found that the elliptical machine OVER-estimates your calorie burn by 42%!

So here’s what you need to do…

  1. Stop relying on calorie-counters
  2. Forget about using expensive pieces of equipment
  3. Stick to bodyweight and dumbbell exercises you can do at home – for cheap!

Having a plan is one of the most important keys to successful fat loss. The less you know about exercise and diet, the more important it is to have a professional plan.

And here’s a little quickie plan for you to boost your fat-burning today. Do this at the end of your regular workout or use it as a stand-alone calorie-burning circuit.

Step #1 – Hold a dumbbell in both hands at chest level (that’s the “Goblet” position).
Step #2 – Do 15 dumbbell goblet squats.
Step #3 – Drop down to the floor and do 15 pushups (on your knees is fine, too).
Step #4 – Rest 30 seconds and repeat four more times.
Step #5 – Enjoy the time and money you saved from not having a gym membership!

Taking care of your faster fat loss,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – If you messed up…

…and if you fell “off the wagon”… cut your losses, don’t worry about it, and get right back on track. Immediately. It’s minor damage that can be dealt with.

Most people allow one treat to become a 3-month fast-food binge, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can start again fresh today. Say goodbye to guilt.

There’s nothing you can do about the past… but you can learn from it.

So take those lessons and make today a better day!

And remember…

Sometimes the most important thing for fat loss is to simply stay out of harms way. Rather than focusing on being a perfect eater and trying to lower your calories, just make sure you don’t put yourself in any situations where you overdo it. Let’s go! Be good and be good to yourself this week.

Stay strong and let’s all keep pushing on.