Proud of These Professional Personal Trainers

At just 37 years old, I don’t feel mature enough to be sending off any kids to college, but now I know how a proud poppa must feel the day his son or daughter heads out and starts making a difference in the world.

You see, I just returned from the 2nd Turbulence Training Summit where we had over 65 trainers attending, including many Certified Turbulence Trainers.

We heard from TT Trainers who have, since last year’s event:

– Just opened their own facility
– Finally “broke through” and started dominating their niche market
– Hit over 100 members in their new cross-training center
Had their first $14,500 month in their bootcamp
– Got engaged
– Started their own bootcamp and became a TRX master
Signed a deal wit- Signed a deal with Bedros Keuilian to joint venture on sure-fire Smash Hit new fitness info workout product
– Overcame BIG obstacles in their lives (with inspiration from the TT core value of Never, ever, ever giving up)

All of that, and more.

PLUS…I haven’t even told you about the winner of the Turbulence Training Trainer of the Year yet.

First, he’d already lost 105 pounds in his own transformation.

Second, he coached one of his clients to winning one of the TT Transformation Contests (and the grand prize of $1000).

And third, he was one of the top speakers at the Fitness Business Summit back in March.

But in the past year, since the last TT Summit, our TT Trainer of the Year also launched several fitness info products and is on track to hit 6-figures in sales from his fitness info business.

More importantly, and he got a huge round of applause from the audience when he shared this, he was able to help his wife quit her job and become a full-time stay at home mom to their young son, Champ. (Yep, their son is named Champ.)

Well, Dad can now be called Champ, too.

Champ, Sr.

And that man is Mike Whitfield, creator of and winner of the first TT Summit TT Trainer of the Year award, given to the TT Trainer who has made the biggest breakthroughs in their business since the last event.

Who will it be next year?

Could it even be you?

You bet it could.

All you need to do is get started changing your life (and changing the lives of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of your client’s lives – and readers of your website from all over the world) today.

Don’t believe me that you can help one thousand people in under a year?

Well get this…Mike Whitfield attended the 1st TT Summit in August, 2011, and he didn’t have an online fitness info product.

But he did by October. And since then, in less than 12 months, he’s created an online customer list of over 1000 people, and 2300 people that read his free emails.

Mike is having a HUGE impact on the world.

And in his community.

Plus, most importantly, with his family.

He’s joined TT Summit presenters Alwyn Cosgrove, Bedros Keuilian, and myself, in living the life of our dreams.

Literally. The exact lives we want to live. We have them.

And you can too.

It all starts by associating with the right people and learning from people who have achieved what you have wanted to achieve in life.

The best place for you to get ALL of that is the Turbulence Training Certification.

And it’s open for FIVE trainers starting today.

But as soon as we get our latest class of five, the doors will shut, and I don’t know when this opportunity to start changing your life will open again.

Reserve your TT Certification here

The TT Certification online materials will be delivered immediately, and you’ll receive a hard-copy of all the info sent directly to your doorstep as well. Within weeks you can be part of the TT Team, changing the world, helping the One Million Transformation Mission.

I’ll be eternally grateful for your support, and will work like a crazy man to give you all the help you need to  reach your goals.

But hurry, this email is going out to over 1065 trainers who were on the hot list.

I don’t know how long those five spots will last…not after word gets out about the life-changing weekend we just had at the TT Summit.

Looking forward to working with you.

Reserve your TT Certification here

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer