Professional Consulting

Did you know you can take your own expertise… and turn it into a lucrative and flexible career? You give advice. People pay for it. Handsomely. I’m talking about the business of professional consulting.

According to the American Consultants League, consultants typically make $50,000 a year, even those that work at home. Some people I know personally who do this make as much as $250,000. Or more… sometimes much more.

Over the last two decades, for instance, my own advice has been worth many millions of dollars to both local and national clients.

Yet… and you may not be aware of this… almost anyone can be a consultant and make money.

A lot of money. Even if you’re just doing it part time.

There are other benefits. Consultants can typically live where they want, choose their own hours, and travel around the world — often first class. And often at someone else’s expense. You see, companies and small businesses regularly hire consultants… and pay good money to hear what the consultant has to say.

That means even top executives will be eager to listen. They’ll practically fall over themselves to give you countless company perks. Simply because they’ll understand and respect your level of expertise, right from the start. However, because you’ll work for yourself — as a consultant — you can deal with the companies without getting tangled in all the office politics, hassles, and traps that being an employee naturally involves.

It’s surprisingly easy to get started. One of the best ways is to join the American Consultants League (ACL).

The ACL will send you a e-course book “How to Guarantee Your Consulting Success and a $250,000 Annual Income.” It’s your first benefit as a member.

Inside the course, you learn how to turn almost any job skill — no matter what it is — into a full-fledged consulting business.

My background was in marketing, for example. In my first two jobs, I worked in corporate marketing departments. So now I sell myself as a marketing consultant. You can do the same, whatever your field of knowledge. You’ll offer people advice in the skill or service YOU know best.

It’s simple. You’ll see just how simple once you look through ACL’s course book. I have. The ACL course book actually started my career.

I’ve studied it closely. And I believe, by itself, this book is worth thousands of dollars. But that’s not the only reason you should consider joining ACL.

Because once you’ve mastered all the material, you’ll get to take ACL’s accreditation exam. Pass the exam and the ACL will immediately award you a Certified Professional Consultant (CPC) certificate.

You can’t beat that kind of instant credibility. You can frame this and display it in your office. But you can also include it as a credential on your personal business cards and stationery. Which gives you a powerful marketing edge over other, uncertified consultants.

There’s still more benefit to membership. Members of the ACL also get all six e-volumes of the league’s “Consulting Success Library.” Inside the six-volume library, you’ll discover topics essential to your consulting success in today’s market… things like “Adding Seminars as a Profit Center”… “Launching a Paid Subscription Newsletter”… “How to Write a Book and Get It Published”… “Creating a Website”… “The Consultant’s Million-Dollar Rolodex”… and “Recession-Proof Business Strategies.”

You’ll also get a one-to-one career coaching session with one of the many professionals on the ACL Board. Valued conservatively, the session is worth $500. But it’s yours free, as a perk of your ACL membership.

As a member of the ACL, you’ll also get free critiques of any two of your marketing materials… courtesy of an expert member of the ACL Board. Ordinarily, a marketing critique like this would cost someone $1,000 or more. But you get it free, as a professional courtesy between consultants, when you become an ACL member.

As a member, you’ll also gain free access to the ACL’s client referral service — for a full year — to help you build your client list.

Plus you’ll get a free listing for your services on the official ACL website. So getting started on this whole opportunity will be much easier than you might have imagined.


The actual cost of membership in the American Consultants League is much less than the value of all these benefits combined. Your dues for American Consultants League membership are just $349. That’s for a full year of membership.

Considering the free “”How to Guarantee Your Consulting Success and a $250,000 Annual Income” e-course, the ACL certification, the six e-volume “Consulting Success Library,” the one-on-one coaching session, the free critique of your marketing materials, the free newsletter subscription, and the free client-referral service and website listing… plus all the career freedom and lucrative opportunity you’ll gain… I hope you can see why ACL membership is an excellent investment.