Praise for the Speakers and Faculty at ETR’s Bootcamp

“Please extend my sincere thanks to your entire group for a very dynamic and lively conference at the Marriott. I was overwhelmed by the incredible talents and real genius qualities of the speakers and the faculty at ETR’s Bootcamp.

“I thought all the geniuses were in Science and Medicine. After the conference, my narrow focus has expanded to the mind-boggling aspects of Internet Marketing.

“Alex Mandossian blew my mind with his ability to ‘connect’ with everyone, express a genuine, sincere interest, maintain a high level of energy, and share an incredibly genius entrance into the world of Internet Marketing. His extraordinary talent is enhanced by his ‘down to earth’ sentiments and personality.

“Brian Edmondson, another genius talent, impressed me with a purity of intent that is hard to find among the ‘Gurus.’ (My daughters are both married. I wish I had another one for him!)

“I don’t mean to single out these two speakers. They were all excellent and did everything possible to deliver accurate and usable information. I thoroughly enjoyed them all.”

Constance Alfano-Weigand, MD, CCN, ND

Medical Consultant for Nutritional Medicine

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