Personal Trainer Certification Life Changing Success Story

There is NOTHING I could say that would be even HALF as powerful as this true life personal trainer certification success story from TT “Rookie Trainer of the Year”, Mike Whitfield.

Discover how just one “click “changed his life…

What a Difference a Click Makes
By Mike Whitfield, Certified Turbulence Trainer

Every year, my wife and I share a one-page letter on our anniversary reflecting on what had happened the previous year. We’ve been doing that since we started dating in 2004.

There is no doubt that we’ll be talking about my incredible year in 2011 and the positive impact it has had on us. I don’t believe in hype, but trust me when I say that my life changed with just one click on my mouse in 2011.

That was the day I started the Turbulence Training Certification. Before that click, I had almost gotten to a point of burnout with a lack of purpose as a fitness trainer.

I loved what I did and I certainly enjoyed training people, but I felt that there was more to it and I wasn’t making as a big of an impact as I could.

I was a trainer who had lost 105 lbs and I knew I could connect with so many people who are struggling to lose weight, but I didn’t have an avenue.

That all changed after that click. I became a part of something bigger and bolder, helping 1,000,000 people transform their lives. I jumped in head first and it has really paid off.

Because of the client attraction tools we receive each month from Craig, I grew my summer bootcamps from 5-8 people to 20 in my 6 am class (yes, during the summer).

Later that summer, I had a series of articles posted on Craig’s site (one of the many perks you get as a TT trainer) and due to the response I was inspired to put a fitness info product on Clickbank.

My goal was to have it done by the first TT Trainer Summit in San Diego last August, and I beat my goal by two days.

At the TT Summit, where I got to meet and connect with other great TT trainers, it was like a switch went off inside of me.

I still remember coming back home and telling my wife, “Look what I found”, as I pointed at my smile. It was just like the famous scene in City Slickers with Billy Crystal’s character does the same thing.

Numerous friendships were established at the TT Summit as well, and I still stay in touch with them.

My wife even noticed the change in me. It was at the TT Summit where I truly understood my potential, but more importantly, Craig taught us how to create a powerful vision for our lives.

I still remembering writing down my vision on paper on the plane ride home; a ride I will never, ever forget.

That’s when I recognized my passion for an online business, where I can connect with many more people.

In less than 12 weeks, I have sold close to 700 copies of my first product on Clickbank, Workout Finishers. Before becoming TT Certified, this was just “an idea” on the shelf.

To think this all started with just a click of a mouse about a new opportunity is incredible.

Mike Whitfield
Certified Turbulence Trainer
“TT Rookie Trainer of the Year, 2011”


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