Personal Invitation to Transformation with Craig Ballantyne

If you do nothing else today, here are are the 3 most important items I personally invite you to do. These could help you win $1000 of my money…

1) Buy a newspaper
2) Put on your bathing suit
3) Take your before photo and enter the 20th TT Transformation Contest!

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Most importantly, make sure to follow through!

Sometimes we only get three entries per category, and that means all three entries are guaranteed prize money and a free TT Platinum Membership (giving you access to all of my workouts).

Transforming your life is ALWAYS worth it.

And you cannot have a physical transformation without making powerful mindset and mental transformations at the same time.

There is NO better time to improve your life than today.

I’m always trying to improve and get better. Currently my goal has been to transform my sleeping habits to 8 hours EVERY night. I missed out on Tuesday night because of travel from Toronto to San Diego. Our plane was late and I couldn’t sleep because of the time zone change.

But last night, after a great dinner at Nobu restaurant here in SD, I packed in 8.5 hours. I feel great…even after my Godzilla nightmares!
Join me in Transforming our Lives.

Click here to enter the free 20th TT Transformation Contest

I’m not sure whether to blame my weird dreams on: the amazing miso cod, umami Chilean sea bass, the Arctic char, the truffled spinach salad, or the roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower from dinner…

…or the Godzilla-Mini Coooper commercial I watched during last night Rangers-Penguins hockey game. Ha!
But I feel great today, and now it’s time for an awesome upper body Meathead workout at my 2nd favorite gym in America, Fit Athletic, in SD.

Yesterday I wanted to enjoy the San Diego weather and I fought my nemesis in the:  San Diego “Stay Classy Stair Nemesis ’358′ Workout“

1A) Stair Sprints x 1 rep (bottom to top)
1B) Pushups x 20 reps
1C) Total Body Extension (TBX) – 20 reps
1D) Cross-Body Mountain Climbers – 10/side (count as 20)
– 5 rounds, rest is only when you ‘jog’ back down

2A) Stair Sprints x 1 rep (bottom to top)
2B) TBX – 20 reps in first two rounds, 10 reps on last round
– 3 rounds, rest is only when you jog back down

About 20 minutes of Classy Fun under the San Diego sunrise.

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

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