Perfect Fat Loss Program

The Karate Man proved me wrong. He also showed his negative wife that what he was doing was right. Of course, he was following the Perfect Fat Loss Plan. Here’s his story…

“Craig, I am a Karate Man. But at the age of 43 I felt I no longer met that image. I no longer felt that I could call myself a Karate Man unless I was as good as I could be both physically, mentally and technically. I wanted to get back to being a lean, mean, fighting machine!

“A big issue for me was the lack of a support base. My wife never supported me losing weight. She thought Turbulence Training and the East Stop Eat lifestyle was insane. I had to just rely solely on my own motivation. To add to the problem, about half way through the contest my wife’s father became ill in the UK and she left me with two kids to manage for 2 1/2 weeks!

“Anyway, I pushed through. All on my own. No support, no training partner. I did solo Turbulence Training in the park at 0630 and also taught my Karate class once a week.

“I managed to get to 80% of my goal weight and I am sure the reason for not achieving 100% was the alcohol that stayed in my diet.

“The biggest success for me was not stopping, and pushing through no matter what happened. I also now have found a perfect exercise and diet combination that works for me and I can easily follow. I am leaner, fitter and more like the Karate Man that I want to be than I have been in many years. It feels great! I lost 14 pounds of fat and 4 inches from my belly. Thanks Craig.” – Mark

Mark proved me wrong.

I often say that everyone needs support, but I guess you don’t when you have the Perfect Fat Loss Program of Turbulence Training and Eat Stop Eat. This exact combination has been used by over a dozen women and men – just like Mark – from all over the world to win my Transformation Contests.

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Here’s another amazing success story…this time posted on Facebook this week from Brandi Wilder:

“Hi Craig, I am a 39yo woman with 3 children, and one is only a year old. I am morbidly obese, 5’4″ 306lbs. I stumbled across your program and it was perfect for me, short and makes me work hard. I wasted no time in getting it. It has been 3weeks sense I started and have lost 10lbs and 8″ total… Would have been more but last week was hard and didn’t get to workout as much.

“I noticed last night that I can now hold a full plank for 15 seconds, I could barely hold it on my knees when I started!! I also found I can do push ups on my knees now!!! I could not even do one when I started!! I am so stoked right now, I can’t wait to get this fat off so I can see the muscle I am gaining!!! Thank you so much for this program and making it affordable!”
– Brandi Wilder

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I love these success stories.

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