Overthinking: The Copywriter’s Worst Enemy

By the time I met Wilma, she had studied literally thousands of pages of courses, books, and e-zine articles about copywriting. She had all the fundamentals down cold. She could recite Hopkins, Caples, Masterson, and Makepeace verbatim. But when I gave her her first paid assignment, she froze like a deer in the high beams of an oncoming Peterbilt.

Wilma’s problem wasn’t that she knew too much. Wilma’s problem was that she couldn’t stop thinking about all the stuff she’d learned – the techniques, formulas, and marketing philosophies.

My advice to Wilma: Forget everything you’ve learned about selling and especially about writing copy. Don’t worry – it’s still stored away in your brain.

Instead of strategy and tactics, try focusing on your prospect – his fears, frustrations, and desires. Think about how your product connects with his dominant emotions.

Then close your eyes and imagine that you’re in a room with him.

If you had to make the sale, what would you say? How would you begin the conversation? What would you say next? What would you have to prove to him? How would you prove it? How would he challenge your claims? How would you defuse his objections?

You’ll be astounded by how your brain feeds up dos and don’ts from your training to guide you as you work through the process.

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