One Myth of Making Money

Hey, Jimmy Vegas! My good friend Jimmy Sweeney is back once again with another incredible article on the #TRUTH about Internet Marketing. He’s always been a “numbers guy”, and I respect that, because numbers are the #truth in business. Enjoy this wisdom from Jimmy Vegas…and don’t forget to ask me about his nickname. – CB
The BIG Money-Making Myth!
By Jimmy Sweeney

Care to guess what I’m about to share? Here’s the shocking truth…

Making big money has very little to do with luck, formal education, right-place right-time, rocket science, or any other factors seemingly difficult and/or out of the ordinary.

Making big money has EVERYTHING to do with specific education, diligent application, passion, enthusiasm, narrow focus, never-fail attitude, assessing results, tweaking, assessing results, tweaking, assessing results, and did I mention tweaking and assessing results! Oh yeah, and a healthy dose of direct marketing and high profit margins helps immensely.Meat


Making what you would consider to be a “lot” of money is not nearly as difficult as many people think it is. In fact, most of the obstacles are right between a person’s ears. Folks simply can’t imagine making X amount per day, per month, or per year . What specific numbers seem unrealistic to you? How does a net profit of $1000 per day, day in, day out strike you? How about $5000 per day? How does $300 per day feel to you?

Making ANY amount of money is as simple as basic math. When you do the math and crunch the numbers it not only takes the fear out of the equation, but all of a sudden it seems doable–almost like magic!

Whoever said math would not come in handy? Simply crunch your numbers to figure out what it will take to make X per day, month, and year.

Specifically, how many widgets do you need to sell to make X amount of money in a specific time frame and what needs to be done to keep that going? Make your initial “X” factor within reach but challenge yourself. Decide on your number, create a plan of action, and get to work to hit your goal.

When you do the math and you realize how many widgets you need to sell on a daily, monthly, yearly basis, the math tells you it CAN be done!

You KNOW it’s possible. You know in your GUT you can do this. Believing gives you clarity, focus, and purpose.

Once you hit your first goal, raise the bar and create another one. Think about adding other widgets to your product line as well as higher-priced related widgets you can sell to satisfied customers again and again, increasing your bottom line many times over. Soon you’ll find yourself making more money than you know what to do with. Again, at the risk of repeating myself, when you sit down and do the actual math, you realize that is it mathematically possible. And with a little enthusiasm you’ll create an action plan that sells more widgets and transforms this mathematical equation into its monetary equivalent!

And trust me on this one: Once you hit that first goal you’ll see how easy it is to double and triple your existing numbers. It’s just a matter of time and action. Your mission is to build a family of customers that love your unique style, love your product line, and will purchase repeatedly. After all, you’re different, you’re friendly, you care, your enthusiasm is contagious, and your business is an extension of that passion. Your passion and basic math skills of division and multiplication will show you the reality of what you can achieve.

I know some men and women in niche markets who started out with literally nothing and within two or three years are making more money per month than they used to make in their jobs all year. It’s a reality I’ve experienced personally and have seen repeated many times over. In fact, some of the numbers ordinary men and women are achieving would make most people’s jaws drop.

One last note: You must also know your online metrics. What can you purchase a visitor for? What is an optin worth to you? What is the lifetime value of a customer? When you know these numbers down to the penny, you can split test to improve them and add more products to your line, which automatically increases these numbers as well. It’s all about the MATH.

So set your first X factor goal, keep it realistic but challenging, do your math after dinner today, and then get started on your plan of action to hit your first X factor goal before this year is up!

Get lucky and get good,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – Knowledge is greater than luck.

“Most people are motivated by the key desire to simply feel better about themselves. If you can have your messages/products/business/you provide that to people, you’ll likely prosper.” – Dan Kennedy