One Million Transformation Dream

It’s the day after the 2nd amazing Turbulence Training Summit and I’ve just gotten back in after an interval session on the legendary San Diego Convention Center stairs.

About halfway up during round 8 of 10 (each round was about 25 seconds), I remembered the dream I had last night.

In it, I was able to help all 95,371 Turbulence Training readers transform their lives and achieve their goals, including YOU.

AND I was able to help all of the TT readers who are trainers (or soon-to-be-trainers) help all of their clients transform their lives and achieve their goals.

Those transformations got me so much closer to my ONE MILLION Transformation Mission.

I filmed a powerful video for you about the One Million Mission here

It is my dream that I can help you transform, and help you help others to transform.

If my dream connects with YOUR dream, let me know, and we can move towards this mission together.

I’m eternally grateful for your support as I focus on my life’s work of helping others – including you.

My life’s work => The One Million Mission

Thank you for being awesome,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – I feel like the hostess from Romper Room saying this…

…but I want to thank Beth, Danny, Debby, Rick, Sylvia, Sarah, Alfredo, Mark from Japan, Lisa, Tim, Laura, Alycia, Charles, Glen, Adam, Seth, Jay, Michelle, Mark, Matt, Sean, Emilee, Jolene, Chris, Brandon, Shannon “The Cannon”, and ALL of the other attendees…

…and all of the TT Trainers – Christine, Gillian, Valetta, Gretchen, Lesa, Joseph, Daniel, Ray, Rob, Scott, Brian, and the TT Trainer of the Year – Mike Whitfield…

…and my team of Cara, Diana, Alwyn, Bedros, Heather…

for being a part of the 2nd TT Summit.

Mark these dates for the 3rd TT Summit – June 21-22, 2013. Ah, yeah!

PPS – Anyone else have a crush on the Romper Room hostess when they were 5? I know I did.

PPPS – Enough being silly…go watch the One Million Mission video here. And let’s change the world.