Recently on the Turbulence Training Facebook page a reader asked, “What’s the best workout you’ve created this year?

The answer in a second, but first…the workouts that were close.  In second place would be the TT MRT 2.0 program from May.

Now I’ll admit, the TT MRT 1.0 from May 2011 is still a HARDER workout, but version 2.0 was still an instant classic. And if you want the HARDEST TT workout of the year, then you have to try January’s TT 2K12. This program uses the special

Muscle-Metabolic Resistance Training method (M-MRT) to punish your muscles. It’s advanced and will bring great soreness.

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And what about BODYWEIGHT training?

We hit a lot of bodyweight workouts in the summer of 2012 with the TT Bodyweight Cardio 5, TT Backyard Buff Body, and TT O-Games.

Plus, the new 100-rep challenges in the latest TT Meatheads program will challenge any bodyweight exercise expert.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the TT Adventure Race 600 Challenge Workout. The first time my best friend tried that one he just about ended up taking a ride on the Vomit Comet. That’s not something I  want anyone to do, but that Challenge workout will push you to the limit.

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By the way, the March 2012 “TT Metabolic Madness” gets my vote as the most UNDER-rated program of the year, and definitely wins for best workout program artwork…or does the October workout win for that?

So enough already, what was the #1 program of 2012?

Hands down, the #1 TT workout of 2012 has to be:

The TT Thermogenic-30 program from September. Cramming all that fat burning and muscle building into 30 minutes was tough, and the workout is a great challenge. Look for TT Thermogenic 2.0 in 2013.

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Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne is the author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life. Craig has been a contributor to Men's Health magazine for over 17 years. Today he teaches his gift to high-performing entrepreneurs how to squeeze more out of their days, increase their income, and make more quality time for their families in his Perfect Life Workshop and Work-Life Mastery programs. Craig used his own advice to overcome crippling anxiety attacks in 2006, and he'll teach you his 5 Pillars of Success so you can increase your income, decrease your work time, and live the life of your dreams. Learn more about Craig at

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