Number One Rule for Your Fitness Goals

On Sunday afternoon I was busy playing catch-up. After a great leg workout, I made a quick trip to the local organic store called, “The Big Carrot”. That’s where I stocked up on blender drink ingredients and a small “cheat bag” of chocolate covered macadamia nuts (I’m a sucker for snacks).

After a huge meal of protein and vegetables (followed by four chocolate covered macadamias), I sat down to write the March issue of my advanced fat loss print newsletter for all Certified Turbulence Trainers.

In addition to giving the TT trainers an update on the 3rd TT Summit (June 21-22nd), an insider’s look at my new 4-Minute Metabolic Miracles program, and a complete “10-Minute Target Training” program for them to use with their clients, this issue also had a fun column where I gave out awards for client, transformation, and trainer of the year for 2012.
(These are the TT version of the Oscars. We call them, “The Ballys”.)

This was the 2nd year for the awards. Last year, the TT Client of the Year was the amazing Catherine Gordon, now a Certified Turbulence Trainer. Catherine is a wonderful woman that we hope to have on-stage with us at the TT Summit to share more of her Transformation Success stories. She won the 2nd TT Contest back in 2008, and today her personal training clients are winning the latest TT Transformation Contests.

But this year, the client of the year award went to…(drum roll, please)…


J-Roc and I go way, way back. We first met in the summer of 1981 when we were randomly selected to the same lil’ tyke soccer team. His mom worked at one local factory and drove a giant, brown boat of a car. My mom worked at an adjacent local factory and drove a giant, lime-green boat of a car.

He and I hit it off from day one. A few years later we ended up on Stratford City’s Under-10 “All-Star” team, and we became best of friends, staying that way for over 25 years. We partied way too much in high school and my father had all sorts of off-colored nicknames for us. But J-Roc was definitely his favorite of all my buddies. (Speaking of my dad, I’ll tell you more about him and his health issues in an email later this week…)

After high school, J-Roc and I went off to different colleges, but in 2001 we were re-united as roommates in the big city of Toronto (followed again by too much partying for a few years).

But…J-Roc, a former athlete and now X-ray technician, let his fitness and nutrition slide. At his worst, J-Roc was 5 foot 10 and 210 pounds. His belly fat was over 20%. He was constantly exhausted, probably due to the gallon of soda he drank each day and the chicken fingers and fries he ate at night. He even needed a nap every day after work.  But then a few years back he decided to change…

I never bugged him to transform. But when you LIVE by EXAMPLE, like we all do as Certified Turbulence Trainers or TT members, it brings people (family, friends, work colleagues, complete strangers, clients, Internet readers, etc.) around to your way of thinking and living. They see what you can accomplish, and they want that too.

That’s a big lesson to all of us. It’s the #1 rule to live by in your pursuit of health and fitness.  We must simply Live by Example when something is truly important to us. Don’t give in to peer pressure around you. By doing so, by staying strong and proud of your diet and exercise choices, you will inspire others that are looking for a role model.

Looking back, I realize that I could have lived a stronger life according to my core values. That would have inspired even more people to change, sooner.

Today, I don’t hold back. I do what I know is right for me, no matter how many ‘anonymous Internet critics’ post their negative comments.
They like to say, “Your life sounds so boring.”


“I could never do what you do.”

Well, who cares, right? I’m not asking them to do what I do. I’m simply living the way I want to live. And because of that, I’m fit, healthy, energetic, and get to share my tips with YOU every day. That’s what matters.

So the criticism doesn’t bother me. And I don’t want your critics to bother you. I have too many people to help. And so do you, starting with yourself, right? Do what is right for you!

I’m currently reading a book called, “The Art of Living”.

In it, the wise words of the Stoic philosopher Epictetus teach us, “Cling to what you know in your heart is best. Then, if you are steadfast, the very people who ridiculed you will come to admire you. If you allow the mean-spirited opinions of others to make you waver in your purpose, you incur a double shame.”

That’s exactly what I mean when I encourage you to Live by Example.

Doing so will attract other good people into your life to support what you want to achieve.

So stay strong, and never give up on what is important to you.

It’s worked for J-Roc, and it will work for you. Today, J-Roc is healthier than I am! That’s why he’s the TT Client of the Year for 2012/21013.

He’s lean and fit. He supplements with Athletic Greens, fish oil, Biotrust protein, and is even into the “Slow Cooking” movement, preparing amazing meals every weekend. That’s why he’s now down to 175 pounds and 9% fat all year round.

His fitness is through the roof too, and he’s keeping up with guys 10 years younger than him on the soccer pitch. Three years ago he was voted MVP of his team, at age 34.

And last year, as you might remember from my race review back in August, J-Roc and I ran the Toronto Tough Mudder is under 2 hours and 10 minutes.

We had a blast.

Funny story…

At one point in the race, as we were running down a ski hill around mile seven, chatting, and in mid-sentence J tripped, fell, did a barrel roll, and popped right back up into mid-conversation, as if nothing happened. It was hilarious. If I only I had been wearing a Go-Pro camera on my head…

Now this year, J-Roc has also been the inspiration for my latest TT Meatheads programs. Every weekend he sends me a T-G-P update (tea, gym, paper) on Sunday morning with his progress.

He’s put on 10 pounds of muscle with TT Meatheads 8: Off-Season and TT Meatheads 9: Spring Training. And now he’s looking forward to the May TT program of the year, TT Grindhouse. It’s unlike any other TT program I’ve ever created. Stay tuned!

So congratulations to Turbulence Training workout guinea pig, J-Roc, on being the TT Client of the Year.

It’s an award that everyone wins though, because J-Roc is testing out more great training methods that will end up in your hands soon.

I’ll leave you with one last piece of advice that worked for J-Roc and I know will work for you too.

Hang around me for 30 years.

Ha, just kidding, but not really. You actually should hang around for 30 years, because we are going to have a lot of fun with new TT workouts and living with abundant energy (although no more partying, sorry).

But the real piece of advice J-Roc can give you is this:

List all the things that will get in the way of your goal, and then avoid them. Then list all the things that will help you reach your goal and DO them. Once you have those lists, you’ll be on your way to success.

Adhering to this simple philosophy has given J everything he wants in life. He’s a got a great job, his dream girl, and the best level of health and fitness that any man can have at the age of 37 (soon to be 38 – Happy early Birthday J!).

Oh, and he has a few great friends, too. (Bally the Dog loves him.)

And of course…J-Roc also believes that you should:

Stay strong, and never, EVER give up on what is important to you.

Never quit. If you stumble, get back up, just like J-Roc did at the Tough Mudder race. And lean on your social support and accountability partners to help you make it through the dips.

You can do it.

We believe in you,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Who knows, maybe YOU will be the TT Client of the Year in 2014?

Live by example. Stay strong. Enter the TT contests and send in your success story, and you might be the big winner next year.

PPS – J-Roc’s change all started with one simple workout system…

He switched over to interval training.

And to celebrate his award, he’s convinced me to have a big sale on the Interval system that changed his life.
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Then keep me up to date on your success.