Number One Diet Challenge

Last night’s dinner was delicious, but a little bit odd. After all, my dear friends, John Romaniello and his lean and lovely wife, Neghar Fonoooni, treated me with a visit to their favorite steakhouse in Santa Monica, “Boa”.

But I didn’t have steak.

In fact, I was NOT allowed.

Earlier this week I told the the world (i.e. the 77,000 fans on my TT Facebook page), that I was giving up red meat and alcohol for lent. But thanks to my Public Accountability to you, it was easy to skip the Rib-Eye (that John enjoyed) and have delicious sea bass instead.

That’s the Sneaky Trick of the #1 Diet Challenge – Set a short, manageable dietary challenge and tell people about it so that they hold you accountable.

If you’re not familiar with Lent, it’s the 46 day period between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.
But you do NOT have to go that long. I suggest doing a 21-Day Diet Challenge. That’s long enough for you to burn fat & CHANGE your habits.

Use this #1 Challenge Diet System for 21 days to Burn Fat

If you want to lose fat fast while:

Eating your favorite, normal foods) NEVER having to take “fancy” pills Keeping your weight loss FOREVER Destroying all  ravings for evil night binges

Being a role model for your family

Eliminating stress eating And feeling great about how you look

Then the 21-Day Diet Challenge (and bonus 52 fat burning smoothies & milkshakes) will be perfect for you, especially as we swing into Spring vacation season here in North America.

So take the 21-Day Diet Challenge and don’t make ‘on the run’ diet mistakes. Just choose from one of these delicious smoothie recipes at any time of day and you’ll stick to the your 21-Day Diet Challenge with ease.

When those short 3-weeks are up, you’ll be down 10, 15, or 21 pounds of fat or MORE, and you will have amazing new CONTROL over the way you eat for energy and fat loss.

Alright, I still owe you an email with 3 more sneaky diet tricks…but it’s turned into a really long article and I need some time to cut it down. Plus, I have drive down to Orange County today – with John and Neghar – to speak at a fitness summit…so holdtight, I’ll get you those 3 sneaky tips soon, along with the world’s WEIRDEST breakfast cereal  I eat.

But for now, it’s time for me to do the following hotel room/gym no/little-equipment, bodyweight challenge (it will be tough, since I foolishly did not give up Burpees for Lent!).

The Lent 500 Rep Bodyweight HWR Circuit

20 Prisoner Squats
10 Decline Pushups (feet on stool) or Easier Version of Pushups
5 Prisoner Squat Jumps or Low-Box Jumps
5 Spiderman Pushups or Spiderman Climbs per side
10 Burpees (or Total Body Extensions)
– Rest as little as possible between exercises and at the end of the circuit.
– Do 10 rounds in as little time as possible.
– Record your time and try to beat it each time…do this circuit once every 10 days as a bonus add-on to your HWR or TT program.

Combine with this Diet Challenge for Maximum Fat Loss

Take a challenge starting now,

Craig “Challenged in Many Ways” Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer