Number One Day to Sell

Happy April 14th!

Hope that you are celebrating.

I know, I know, Monday, April 14th is nothing special, but today is still the #1 day to have a sale.

Because today ends in ‘y’.

That’s always the best day to have a sale, a promotion, or an event.

Any day works!
St. Patrick’s Day.
The First Day of Spring.
Ballantyne’s Day.

Yes, I have a sale on Ballantyne’s Day…

But any day can be “let’s make a deal day”. Check out this email that my friend Gary Ryan Blair wrote…using a pretty pedestrian reason for a sale.

It worked because people love to buy!

Make something work for you today.

Always be selling,

Craig Ballantyne

“People want to buy. If you created the product, you must believe in the product and you want people to get it and get the result they want. You need to set the setting for them to get it. A sale does that.” – Rick Kaselj