No Brainer Offer part 1

When I was 13 years old I had a subscription to a video game magazine called, “Nintendo Power”. Each month I’d anticipate its arrival so I could “window” shop the latest games.

Even though I was making the princely sum of $3.10 per hour  in my 15-20 hour per week part-time job back then, I was still  pretty stingy when it came to buying new games.

In one issue, there was a review of a popular arcade game that  had been turned into a Nintendo game (we’re taking the original  8-bit system). The game was called, “Ninja Gaiden“, and if  you’re from my generation you might remember it.

The review of the game used a phrase that confounded me for over  a dozen years. It wasn’t until my late 20″s that I understood its meaning.

Ninja Gaiden was referred to as a “No brainer” decision.

But I couldn’t figure out if that meant:

a) You’d only buy this if you had no brains, because it was terrible


b) You don’t need any brains (<= say it like a zombie) to realize that this game was awesome and you should buy it

Eventually I realized that a “no-brainer” meant it was an easy decision.

But like I mentioned, I didn’t understand that for years. I can be a little  slow sometimes.

Anyways, fast forward to last year where I ended up promoting a  “no brainer” offer to my list. With just a couple of emails we made  over 500 sales.

The product is Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Cardio and it was a  “no brainer” for me and my list for a few reasons…and today  you’ll learn how to identify the best no-brainers for your list and  for your own creation.

There’s a lot we can learn from this product, and it’s a guaranteed  way to do hundreds of dollars (if not over $1000) in affiliate commissions  for my Publishing Partners like Mike Whitfield that have the right list  – delivering the perfect message to market match (<= something I’ll  be talking a lot about in the next few weeks).

As I told Mike, Brian Kalakay, Shawna Kaminski, and Chris Lopez  (4 of my current publishing partners), “Make sure to get this on your  promo schedule before the end of January. You can use the emails  I sent out this week as a good foundation for your own.

Here’s your  affiliate link

One of my emails is here:

And another one is here:

Like my 31 Intervals Manual that I created several years ago (and  have sold thousands and thousands of copies of), Jay’s program offers a ton of short workouts at a low price.

Here’s why it worked so well for me and you’ll get lessons on how to choose the right sale for you:

1) Jay is one of my best friends and 80% of the people on my  list know this.

When you promote someone that you have a strong relationship with and have mentioned to your readers before (in a non-promotional way), it’s a much easier sale to make.

Listen, readers aren’t “no brained”. They know that when Internet  Marketing gurus refer to the latest promoter as their “good friend”, that  the truth is more likely that these “good friends” have never even met.

That’s why Rick Kaselj is so darn wise and takes photos and videos with everyone that he meets at seminars. <= Do the same.

So if you’re planning a promo with anyone, start mentioning them casually
in non-promotional ways.

Pre-launch them without actually pre-launch. Essentially, introduce them
to your circle of (real) friends, and then do your best to promote your real
friends above and beyond all others.

2) Perfect Message-to-Market-Match (M-2-M Match)

My market wants workouts.

My market wants workouts from people they know, like, and trust.

My message was “Hey, here are a lot of incredible workouts from one of  my best friends and the few people in the industry that I know, like, and trust.”

Oh, and the workouts are an incredible deal too, and the my emails proved  why these workouts were better than other workouts with references to science and experience.

It truly was the second best no-brainer offer I could deliver (with the best  no-brainer being the exact same message delivered about a product I  created myself – since my list, and your list too, want products from  me/you the most…that’s why they’re on my/your list).

It couldn’t have been any better.

3) The offer itself was a no brainer.

A no-brainer offer delivers incredible value to the point that the customer  thinks, “I feel like I’m ripping this guy off.”

That’s where your offer needs to be.

In part 2 of this series, I’ll show you how to create your own  “No Brainer” offers.

And no, it doesn’t involve Zombies. Or Ninjas.

Slowly getting less slow,

Craig Ballantyne