Ninja SEO Youtube Trick

Great news. A few months ago, Nicky Parsons re-appeared (fortunately this time it was just in a regular back alley, not a Sea World back alley) to show us how to add clickable external links to your YouTube videos.

So now you can finally drive traffic directly to your site from your videos without making people read the description or type the URL into their browser.

We’re doing that here: (Preview)

This is done by putting the external link in a YouTube annotation.

Here’s another example from the elusive Nicky Parsons where she and her team are using anchor text to support my Publishing Partner, Dan Long. You’ll see a clickable link pop up on the video after about 10 seconds.

So add links to all of your videos within youtube and you can now have clickable links that go right to your squeeze pages and offers.


It’s got a bit of a technical catch to it.

Here is the video that teaches you how to make this happen. (Preview) <= Tech tips video

Don’t ask me anything about the tech stuff.

As I have not watched the tech tips video and never will.

I am allergic to techy stuff, but not the money that comes from it.

Get a techie to do the techy,

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