Niche Market Domination

Two slicked up, oil-covered, speedo wearing bodybuilders are not the typical kind of guys that you would consider to be my mentors.

But I’m proud to call Vince Del Monte and Ben Pakulski not just friends of mine, but teachers.

You want to talk about passion?

You want examples of integrity?

You want men of honor – to both vocation and family?

Ben and Vince are your guys. Oily, yes, but still your guys.

Let me explain what they can teach you…

The other week a package showed up in the mail. Inside was a set of four newsletters that Ben and Vince send to their raving fans.

I put them aside for a few days, and then last Tuesday while I was out on the farm I needed something to read for a few minutes before dinner was ready.

So I ripped open the package like it was a Christmas present (lesson #1 right there – people still love physical packages) and tore into the four newsletters.

Now here’s where it gets interesting.

You know that show, “Hoarders” on TV?

Those folks, sadly, have some strange disease.

Well so do I. But it’s the opposite of hoarding.

I throw EVERYTHING out. Everything I possibly can.

But I can’t throw out these four newsletters because they are practically the perfect model of what a customer newsletter should look like.

There’s the perfect mix of “Celebrity Curiosity”, “Huge Meaty Hunks of Life-Changing Actionable Content”, and “Impacting Inspiration” that rivals anything that I’ve written.

(What? I writes the good stuff, you know that.)

What Ben and Vince are doing as leaders and mentors for their raving fans might just be unparalleled in the workout market. It’s right up there with the connection that Isabel De Los Rios has in the nutrition world, and with what our friend Bedros Keuilian has achieved with his fitness expert audience.

Get your hands on these newsletters (the physical one is called “Hypertrophy Max“) and follow Vince and Ben on Facebook and Youtube to fully understand how to treat your prospects and clients.

It’s called Niche Market Domination.

Perhaps I’m beginning to understand just what Flavia sees in Vince after all. (Just kidding bro, you know you’re best in Euro!)

Ben and Vince are capturing the fascination of the muscle building market and for good reason.

They deliver great information and make heros of their readers in so many ways.

They inspire and impress me.

And that’s not an easy task to pull over on the Grumpy Old Godfather of fitness info marketing.

As I write this in my hotel room in Nashville, I’m already looking forward to getting home and re-reading Ben’s article on “Finding the Joy in Everything“, from hard training to parking tickets. It was a wonderful wake-up call and reminder to be grateful for all that I have in life.

And Vince’s columns about his personal growth are ETR-worthy and I hope to publish them soon.

There’s a lot to learn in both the substance and style of what they are doing. Not to mention the tactical components too, where they are building a recurring revenue monster by delivering massive value and growing their celebrity.

Well done gentlemen.

I’m impressed.

And inspired,

Craig Ballantyne

“The surest way to accomplish your business goals is making service to others your primary goal. The key to success is adding value to other’s lives.” – Kekich Credo #87