New No-equipment Workout Video (free inside)

Here’s more HARSH truth for you today…

If you miss one workout, you’ll miss two.

If you miss a week of workouts, you’ll miss a month.

Miss a month, and it’s “see you next year at New Year’s resolution time.”

So that’s why you have to be consistent.

And that’s why morning workouts are one of your best weapons in the battle against the bulge.

You’re more likely to be consistent when you exercise early in the morning before the craziness of your day gets in the way.

Plus, exercising first thing in the morning sets you up to make the right nutrition choices all day long so that you overcome temptations and eliminate obstacles.

But if you’ve tried to jog or use the elliptical in the morning and you haven’t gotten results…

It’s not your fault.

It’s those silly magazines and TV fitness “experts” that tell you to do cardio that are to blame.

But here’s what happens when you do too much cardio:

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So what’s the solution?Use your bodyweight. Exercise at home. Save money on equipment… and on expensive trips to the doctor or physiotherapist caused from cardio.Watch this free no-equipment workout video. It’s the BEST type of fat-burning workout to do in the morning before work.

And yes, I look like a goofball, but what matters is that you’ll get great results!

Have fun and just say no to cardio,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS – Also harsh, but true!

If you are not happy, you must change, and that involves being brutally honest with yourself about why you haven’t already done so. “Ask yourself WHY you want something but refuse to act in congruence with achieving it. Either say NO to achievement OR dig in and get to the bottom of the persistent incongruence between what you say and what you do. It is OK to admit you are not willing to pay the price – and by doing so, that will stop self-sabotage.” – Dan Kennedy