I’m shocked, triple shocked actually, at what you and I are doing … and not doing. Let me explain…

On Wednesday I flew out to LA…and boy are my arms tired. Hahaha. Over the next four days I’ll be attending one of the biggest fitness seminars in the world (hosted by my friend, Bedros Keuilian) down here in sunny Orange County.

Ironically I’ll be so busy at this fitness event that I won’t have time for a real workout. Shocking, isn’t it? But my day is packed with meetings and coaching sessions with other CTT’s (Certified Turbulence Trainers) that have made the journey out to become even better trainers.

I have some news that is going to shock these trainers – and you. It even surprised me. But I put this info to the test bright and early on Thursday morning and confirmed it.

According to scientists from the University of Georgia, high-intensity bodyweight training is just as effective as high-intensity interval training done on an expensive stationary bike. They had subjects do a bodyweight workout and a bike-sprint workout, and the number of calories burned and fitness gains were the same. This is great, but shocking news.

Here’s my test that confirms it. At 5am I went down to the gym, did a quick warm-up and then went ALL-OUT on a LifeFitness upright stationary bike. Pedaling as hard as I could at Level 20, the machine ‘claimed’ that I burned 27 calories in one minute. 

Of course, we know these cardio machines lie. They shockingly overestimate the number of calories you burn by 10-40%. So let’s say that I burned 20 calories in that minute. Not bad. Other research suggests you can burn 15 calories per minute with bodyweight exercises.

It almost makes you want to give the edge to the bike, right? WRONG. Here’s why… My legs were exhausted from the 60-second bike sprint. It was nearly 3 minutes before I felt ready for another interval. At best I could have done 3 intervals in 10 minutes…maybe only 2 with warm-up and cool-down.

On the other hand, I followed up those bike sprints with a shockingly effective bodyweight circuit where I did a standing lower body exercise (like Total Body Extensions) followed by an upper body floor exercise (like pushups). I chose 4 lower-body moves and 4 upper-body moves and went back-to-back with all the exercises in under 10 minutes.

Overall I burned more total calories in 10 minutes of bodyweight training than I would have with machine interval training.

Bottom Line: The shocking truth is that you’ll get even BETTER fat-burning results with bodyweight exercises instead of cardio machines because bodyweight moves use MORE muscle groups (than just sitting on a bike or even running on a treadmill).

Put your body to work,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – You are BETTER and STRONGER than your obstacles.

Whatever is in your way, you’re stronger than it, you’re tougher than it, and you’re better than it. You’re going to beat it. Things will get better. Believe in yourself like I believe in you. I know you can do it. I’ve seen so many other people succeed. This is your time. Let’s go!

Craig Ballantyne

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