Never Do This Exercise Again

Saturday morning was a sad day in the gym.

While I did a short, burst workout, dozens of well-meaning folks chasing New Year’s Resolutions wasted their time on cardio … and crunches.

You should never do these exercises.

That’s right.

You should NEVER do crunches again.

They are a waste of your precious time.

Shocking, I know, but let me ask you…

What have crunches ever done for you in the past?

Nothing, of course.

If you never, ever did another crunch down on the dirty floor again, do you think it would matter?

Of course not.

It’s such a useless exercise and a shame the exercise industry has promoted it.

Crunches do not give you the “core strength” that you need.

Kick those boring crunches to the curb.

Spend those precious minutes focusing on your nutrition instead.

Or doing interval training.

Or another round of basic strength exercises to get the body and performance you desire.

Crunch Free
Crunch-free since 1999

If you’re not sure what to do, try this short burst workout video to start

Or do a simple circuit of these exercises for 30 seconds each:

1) Bodyweight Squats
2) Pushups or Spiderman Pushups
3) Bodyweight Rows or Iron Cross Hold
4) Plank
5) Bird Dog
6) Side Plank (30 seconds per side)

Rest 1 minute at the end and repeat up to 2 more times.

That’s 100X’s better than crunches.

Be picky about the exercises you do.

Use your time wisely,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – It’s also okay to be selfish with who you spend your time with!