Nearly Dead Trainer’s 3 Steps to Success

Three years ago I was standing over his hospital bed. We were worried the damage would be permanent.

Just 24 hours earlier everything had been fine. Then boom. One accident later, and there was my good friend, Joel Marion, lying in a hospital bed, with the doctors and his family preparing for the worst.

Amazingly, and thankfully, Joel has had a full recovery from his freak accident (that occurred in the gym while working out, ironically).

Today, he runs a 9-figure business selling the highest quality nutritional supplements online to over 2 million fans. It’s incredible what he has done in the past three years. He hasn’t let any time slip away from him.

This weekend I’m at Joel’s palatial home in St. Petersburg, Florida, where we’ll celebrate his 32nd birthday on Sunday. It also marks a very special occasion for us all.

On Monday, we’ll be 25% of the way through 2014.

Are you 25% of the way to your goals and dreams for 2014? Are you behind? Is the damage permanent? Will you be able to catch up? Or are you drowning under the weight of “everyday busy work” that is getting in the way of your big ideas and dreams?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are 3 simple steps that you can take – right NOW – to change your life and get on track to BEAT your goals in 2014. These are the same 3 steps that Joel used after his accident to create an incredible business that has helped MILLIONS of people transform their bodies and their lives, while making him a tremendous amount of money along the way.

#1 – “Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan”

I first heard that saying from Dr. Nido Qubein, one of the world’s greatest speakers. What tremendous energy and charisma Nido has, and what a powerful message that is for us to absorb.

Sit down and plan your month’s promotions, your weekly schedule, and your daily priorities. With this plan, you’ll rapidly move ahead in your life and business by concentrating on what counts and ignoring the minor issues that don’t matter.

Plan your work.
Work your plan.
Get more done.
Waste less time.
Achieve great things.

Your future success is determined by what you do now. You must plan and prepare for productivity.

Joel and his business partner Josh sat down and mapped out the road map to their first big product launch. They planned their work, and worked their plan, ignoring the little things that came up. A strict focus with their eyes on the prize kept them on priority point.

You must do the same. Don’t get distracted. Know what you want and what you have to do to get it. Then do it.

#2 – Deliver Results

In the bootcamp and personal training world, this means delivering an incredible experience with awesome energy and enthusiasm. You must bring your A-game and your best workouts.  If you lack confidence, your clients will see through you in a second.

For Joel and Josh it meant delivering the highest quality nutritional supplements with top ingredients. Their products are based on research and proven by experience.

This allows Joel to aggressively market his solution as the best – because it is.

Are you able to say – with absolute confidence – that you are the best in your town? Are you delivering the greatest results? The best experience? The highest energy? If not, you need to improve your product, your planning, and your personality.

You need to implement the best workouts – and you can simply plug-and-play my Turbulence Training workouts with your clients.

You need to bring the energy. And you can learn how to do this by spending time with Certified TT Trainers like Brian Kalakay, Kate Vidulich, Dani Woodrum, Mikey Whitfield, Chris Lopez, and myself at the TT Summit.

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When you attend the TT Summit this year, you’ll also learn from fitness industry legends Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove about how they run the MOST profitable gym (per square foot) in America.

And they started from scratch – with nothing. If they can do it, you can too, and they’ll both be on stage for over an hour sharing their secrets. Do NOT miss this once in a lifetime event – having the Cosgroves, the CTTs, and a weekend with ol’ CB has never happened before.

PLUS, Bedros Keuilian will be there to give you the most cutting-edge client attraction strategies that he’s using to build his worldwide Fit Body Bootcamp empire.

You can’t afford to miss the TT Summit IF you want to be the best and IF you want to finally achieve your goals in 2014.

Reserve your TT Summit spot to become the BEST trainer you can be

Joel, Josh, Alwyn, Rachel, and Bedros all deliver the BEST products and services in their marketplace. That’s why they are leaders. That’s why they are achievers.  They also know this final secret…

#3 – Model & Mentor Success

As Bedros Keuilian says, “The fastest, easiest and most direct way to success is to model it. Don’t try to recreate the wheel. Instead, surround yourself with people who are already achieving what you want. Get coaching, buy into mastermind groups, and model success.”

I wasn’t just at Joel’s hospital bedside by chance. Nor am I here at his house just as a friend. Since 2009 I’ve been Joel’s coach.

Each morning Joel gets a personal coaching text message from me. We work on his time management and productivity every week, and he’s had massive breakthroughs in what he’s been able to accomplish at work, all while becoming a better father and husband to his growing young family.

In February, at his SuperBowl party, Joel presented me with a special “Coach of the Year” award in front of over 140 attendees.

Joel knows to tap into mentors where he is weak so that he can get better.

That’s why you must be at the TT Summit in June.

You’ll surround yourself with other trainers, coaches, and valuable mentors that will lift you up. You’ll go from being Good to

Great. You’ll identify what has held you back in the first quarter of 2014, and you’ll now be able to breakthrough these obstacles to achieve

You’ll have a Plan for your Work, and you’ll finally understand how to Work your Plan. You’ll be the best, you’ll meet the best, and you’ll learn how to bring the best back home to your business.

With proven systems and mentors to model, you’ll know exactly what to do every day to get on the fast track to success in yourpersonal training and bootcamp business in 2014.

This is your year. We will give you your plan. We will make you the BEST.

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The TT Summit is Friday, June 6th and Saturday, June 7th, in San Diego, California. We’ll start each morning with Bootcamp workouts on the beach, then we’ll spend the rest of the day dedicated to turning you into the BEST trainer in your town.

You’ll discover how to attract clients WITHOUT spending a dime, how to keep your clients longer, how – and when – to grow the size of your facility, how to get started from scratch without a lot of money, and how you can truly become the BEST trainer and business in your town.

The TT Summit is a magical, intimate fitness event. It’s not too big, it’s not too small. It’s packed with positive people – no negativity allowed.

You’ll get a chance to talk to every expert. You’ll get a chance to ask ALL of your questions, personally. You’ll leave with a complete BLUEPRINT for achieving your goals.

It’s the BEST event of it’s kind…and I can’t wait to see how it changes your life and gets you on track to hit your goals in 2014.

Reserve your TT Summit spot to become the BEST trainer you can be

Looking forward to seeing you at the TT Summit,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – And YES, you’ll be able to get…

…both CEU’s andTT Certified at the TT Summit. We’ll send you ALL of those details when you reserve your spot.

Reserve your TT Summit spot to become the BEST trainer you can be