NASA Workout Challenge

That’s right, I’m training an astronaut. My client, a 33-year old cardiologist (who makes Doogie Howswer look old!) justtraveled down to Houston for a NASA workout challenge.

(And yes, all I can picture is that Simpson’s episode where Homer gets in the machine at NASA and spins around and around. Ha.)

But here’s the workout challenge they had my client do down at NASA:

1) Burpee push ups
2) Pull a weighted box across the floor (30 feet)
3) Medicine Ball Sprint Relay
4) Sit ups —- (I know, what is NASA thinking!?!?! Do NOT do these!)
5) Medicine Ball Throws
6) Pull-ups

According to my client…

“At each station we had 3 minutes to do as many as we could with one minute of rest between stations. We were all quite exhausted by the end!”

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