My Daily Diet of 3000 Calories

This is going to be amazing.

It’s a beautiful morning out on the farm. I’ll get in a great workout and stick to my nutrition plan, eating about 3000 calories of healthy food to stay lean and ripped. If I needed to lose fat, or if I was a woman, I’d obviously eat less. For fat loss, I recommend about 2100 calories for a man and 1500-1800 calories for a woman.

It’s been a long time since I updated my daily diet, and a few changes have been made, so here’s my current plan.

I’m still sticking to my ‘health food insurance checklist’ that prevents me from getting sick. Every day, no matter where I am in the world, from Italy to Tokyo, and from Canadia to Miami (where I’m headed tomorrow), I always have these foods everyday:

  •     An apple
  •     1 oz almonds
  •     1 cup of broccoli
  •     1 serving Athletic Greens
  •     1 cup of Green Tea
  •     1 serving fish oil
  •     12-Hours between dinner and breakfast to prevent mindless eating

Here’s today’s 3,000 plan. There won’t be any cheats, I’m saving that for a visit to Prime 112 during my trip to Miami this week (though I’ll be eating incredibly fresh fish and sticking to the above checklist as well).

Pre-Breakfast while writing – Athletic Greens

I start the day early, with my writing, then meditation, then a dog walk, and then my daily readings, and then breakfast.

Breakfast = 700 calories, 28g protein

“Ballantyne Omelet” of 4 eggs (400 calories, 28g protein), spinach & mushrooms (50 calories), and 1/2 avocado (150 calories) … with a little tabasco sauce and tomato sauce on the side (50 calories)
1 cup decaf Green Tea

If you prefer cereal, try this no-grain, high-protein cereal here (mmm!)

My Workout Today

KB Front Squats, Swings, Presses, combined in circuits with TRX rows, triceps extensions, pushups, curls, and ab fallouts

After my workout I head to a local coffee shop to do my daily Facebook Fitness QnA and I have a protein shake and snack = 450 cals, 30g protein

Protein shake – 20g of protein (BioTrust or Paleo Protein Powder) for about 100 calories
“Crunchy Ballantyne Superfoods Snack” of 1 oz almonds (200 cals) mixed with shredded coconut & raw cacao nibs (150 calories)

Then I head home for a Late Lunch = 700 calories, 25g protein

4 oz chicken or salmon, mixed with 1 cup of broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, and onion, and some tomato sauce on the side (500 calories, 25g protein)
Fish oil supplement – if I don’t eat fish (100 calories)
1 apple (100 calories)

And after a late afternoon dog walk, it’s time for…

A Nice Big Dinner = ~ 1000 calories, 45g protein

6oz filet mignon steak = 500 calories, 40g protein
1 large sweet potato (mashed, with skin) = 200 calories
Brussel sprouts in olive oil (huge serving, I love these) = 150 calories
1 apple = 80 calories
1 tablespoon raw almond butter =  100 calories

Now let’s be honest…there will probably be some ‘hidden calories’ in there along the way…

…due to underestimating portion sizes, adding extra coconut or olive oil, not measuring out sauces or almond butter exactly…that bumps up totals for the day to about 3000 calories and 135-150g of protein.

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Eat more real food and you will burn more belly fat,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer