My Birthday Gift to You

It’s my birthday, but I want to give YOU a gift – one that will last a lifetime. It’s something I’ve been working on for 40 years. You might even call it my life’s work.

In this gift you’ll discover everything you need to help your friends, your family, your co-workers, and men and women of all ages in your community. You’ll be able to take this gift and share it with them, showing them how to eat better, live longer, feel healthier, and dramatically improve every aspect of their life.

It is the gift of knowledge and access to all of my secrets. This slight edge, one that will separate you from everyone else out there, will help you achieve your dreams, overcome your struggles, and eliminate the obstacles in your life.

This gift has been used by men and women all over the world, including Shawn Stevens, Certified Turbulence Trainer in Fenton, Michigan who said, “The TT Summit in San Diego was springboard into opening my own studio. My business is doing great. I am amazed at the support I get from TT. I enjoy being part of the TT family and connecting with Craig and other TT trainers. I get encouraged and inspired daily. Being a CTT rocks!”

Imagine being able to make a little extra money by taking your passion for health and fitness and training the people in your community to make them healthier and fitter. When they thank you with tears in their eyes, you’ll experience one of the most rewarding feelings of your life. You have the chance to be a HERO. Yes, you. Here’s how…

On June 5-6th we’re holding our 5th annual Turbulence Training Summit – and my 40th Birthday Party! – in sunny San Diego, California.

This event changes hundreds of lives each year. Trainers come from all over the world, including as far as Australia, Malaysia, Japan, England, Ireland, South Korea, and even India. People make the journey to the TT Summi for one reason – because they want to be the Fitness Hero in their home city. They want to be the go-to guru that is famous for changing lives and making their city and community healthier, happier, and safer.

(Oh, and this year they’ll get a piece of my birthday cake too! But don’t worry, the incredible high-energy morning bootcamp with Todd Durkin will burn off those calories.)

If you’ve ever wanted to experience more joy and fulfillment from your work, even just in a few hours per week, this is the key to independence and happiness that you’ve been looking for. At the TT Summit we’ll give you the complete Personal Trainer Start-Up Kit, along with everything you need to get your first clients and help change their lives.

In this article, you’ll discover everything you need…

… to turn your passion for fitness into a flexible and fun career helping others lose weight and get healthy – while living the lifestyle you want.

You’ll discover how to run your own transformation contests, fill up a fun-and-energetic fitness bootcamp, attract one-on-one personal training clients to earn you a little money on the side, and of course, how to create the best and most effective fat-burning workouts that take just a few minutes a day.

My gift to you is 40 years of knowledge learned at the school of Hard Knocks.

It’s everything that I learned on my journey to becoming one of the most sought-after fat loss gurus in the world. Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines have been tapping my brain for over 15 years, and now I’m ready to reveal everything (even giving you a few secrets that I’ll never share with those big magazines no matter how much they try to pay me…some secrets are just for TT Family Members like you).

At the TT Summit you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of other Fitness Ambassadors, all of them with incredibly inspirational transformation stories. You’ll meet trainers like Katie O’Dwyer, CTT who just opened up her own studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Katie started out holding TT workouts in her church, and said, “I love challenges,” O’Dwyer said. “This business is pushing me to constantly grow and learn. Anyone who is thinking about starting their own business should seek out mentors in the same field to help them gain insight.”

That’s exactly what you’ll get at the TT Summit. In addition to training with and learning from me, you’ll get to do morning bootcamp workouts with famous trainer, Todd Durkin, author of Men’s Health’s Impact Body Plan, and trainer to NFL players like Drew Brees.

But it’s not all about famous trainers. It’s about being around people like yourself that just want to start off making a small difference in their community. You’ve learned the secrets to success and you can’t help but wanting to share them with the world. Just listen to the story of 2014 TT Rookie Trainer of the Year, Nestor Flores, from Fresno, CA.

“Having been over 200 lbs at one point myself, I wanted more for myself and felt that personal training was what I was meant to do. But I had no idea how to actually train someone. I went online and found out that the owner of the website that had inspired me to follow my dreams, Early to Rise, was also a world renowned fat loss expert that offered a certification. That is how I was introduced to Craig Ballantyne and Turbulence Training.”

“First I bought the Original Turbulence Training program and I knew if I could design similar workouts I would definitely stand out as a personal trainer. The Turbulence Training Summit was one of my highlights of 2014. Turbulence Training has taught me how to be a trainer, introduced me to a network of other highly successful trainers from around the world, provided me with the business guidance to start and grow my business, and has opened the doors to a future I never imagined possible. All things I would never receive from any other certification, or from my degree for that matter. Going to the TT Summit was the BEST decision I’ve ever made.” – Nestor Flores, Fresno Fit Personal Training, 2014 TT Rookie Trainer of the Year

And being a trainer and hometown Fitness Hero is also something you can do part-time, even if you are one of the busiest folks in the world. Check out this story…

In just two years Ali Fox, CTT has transformed hundreds of lives…all while being a full time lawyer and mom of two young girls.  She’d spent the last 10 years climbing the corporate ladder, earning success, prestige and respect. But despite all that, something was missing in her life. While she had job security and a high paying job, she was missing passion, purpose and happiness in her life.

Two years ago she launched Ali Fox Transformations as a side business. With limited time (as you can imagine) she was still able to grow from 5 to 75 clients using the Turbulence Training workouts – and three of her clients have won $1000 Grand Prizes in the TT Contests. Turbulence Training also has inspired her to create Ali Fox Activewear built on the philosophy of creating confidence and a support network for active women. Ali is living proof that when you take action and follow your passion that anything is possible. She’s following her dreams and has become the Fitness Hero in her community.

I could go on and on with dozens of other TT Trainer success stories, but we’ll save that for the 5th TT Summit in June. It’s going to be an amazing weekend, and you never know what will happen or who might show up.

Last year Master CTT Trainer Brian Kalakay proposed to his girlfriend (she said, Yes, of course!). Even my Mom is coming back to the TT Summit … after all, she can’t miss my 40th Birthday Party and VIP reception (that YOU are also invited to attend at the Summit). And you’ll get to hang out with my fitness friends, like Diana and Bedros Keuilian, Todd Durkin, Jason Ferruggia, Catherine Gordon, and many more.

Your Hero Journey Starts at the 5th TT Summit

Trainers that succeed understand the power of knowledge. They recognize the importance of making connections and learning from the best trainers in the world.

And that is what the TT Summit is all about. It’s a life changing weekend that will skyrocket your future to levels you never thought were possible.

Plus…It’s my BIG 4-0 Birthday Bash

I’m turning 40 this year and to celebrate we are throwing in some incredible bonuses for everyone that attends. These are exclusive Birthday Bonuses for TT Summit attendees and will NEVER be offered together again. After all, I only turn 40 once!

  • Personal Trainer Start-Up Guide [Done for you Blueprint on how to start your personal training business in less than 90 days]
  • Exclusive VIP Birthday Party  [Hang out with Craig, Bedros, Todd Durkin, and all our VIP Guests at this exclusive party]
  • VIP Trainer Reception [Network and meet all of the 150 attendees on Friday night at our beautiful poolside location]
  • Access to our new Metabolic Kick Starter Follow-Along Videos
  • Access to Missi Holt’s Restorative Yoga videos (coming soon)
  • Exclusive TT Workout Programs [Get access to the latest TT workout programs and the science behind Turbulence Training]

If you want to join me and be a Hometown Fitness Hero, your journey begins at the 5th TT Summit. You’ll change lives, build a nice little side business, and get the greatest reward of all – the Life of Your Dreams.

Click here to reserve your spot at the 5th TT Summit for my 40th Birthday!

Can’t wait to see you there and share some of Diana Keuilian’s amazing Gluten-free birthday cake with you…and maybe even Bally the Dog? (If he gets a passport, LOL.)

Here’s to becoming the Fitness Hero in your community. Thank you for being an action taker and value adder. The world needs you now more than ever!

Stay Strong and Keep Pushing On,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Love this quote:

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Cavett Robert

Ain’t that the #truth!

And as you get ready for next week, don’t forget…

Make the best out of whatever situation you are in. You can’t change the past. You can’t control others. But you can control your future because you control how you respond to everything. You control your thoughts, words, and deeds. Make the right decisions, right now, for your right life. You can do it. This time it WILL happen. I believe in you. Keep going. And never, ever give up what really matters to YOU.

Join me at the TT Summit to get closer to your big goals and dreams in life

We’ll celebrate your success and progress at the TT Summit soon. Stay strong.