A Multi-Million Dollar Sales Tip

It was ugly.

Things were not going well with our product launch and this was supposed to be one of our big moneymakers of the year.

Sales were really slow. There was no way we were going to reach our goal at this pace. In fact, we wouldn’t even come close.

An epic failure is on the horizon.

We needed to quickly change our approach.

The marketing team huddled and we came up with a radical plan to do something completely different.

Big Lesson #1: Carefully analyze if your plan is working and if it’s not, be flexible enough to change your approach and do something else – anything else.

We decide I was going to do five new trainings over the next 7 days.

This seemed crazy since I needed to create them starting from scratch and the first one is two days away.

To top it off, I decided to write all the emails promoting each of the trainings.

Because I wanted each trainings to be an event, I decided to use different media for each of them.

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We used a simple teleseminar for the first training, a Google Hangout for the second training, a webinar for the third training, live video for the fourth training and a webinar for the final training.

Big Lesson #2: Use ALL the tools you have at your disposal to market your product or service. As entrepreneurs, we can get lazy and only use the tools we know and are comfortable with.

It was time for me to get to work.

First, I wrote emails promoting the first “event.”

I had a single outcome for these emails: To get people to click on a link to go to the registration page.

Big Lesson #3: You MUST have a crystal clear understanding of what your outcome is for every marketing to do too much. The sole purpose of my email was to get people to click a link. That’s it.

Big Lesson #4: Oftentimes it’s best to create your marketing before you create your actual presentation or your product. It is what you say in your marketing that tells you what you should put into your product or presentation.

Now it was time for me to create the actual presentation.

These presentations had to deliver real value but also sell.

Many entrepreneurs fail at this either by providing too much content that does not directly lead to the sale or by promising content and then delivering only a sales pitch.

Big Lesson #5: Yes, you will want to “move the free line” and give away valuable information but this information must be given away so that it accomplishes your outcome: Selling your product or service.

I had to create each one of these presentations quickly while travelling from Atlanta to Cleveland and then to Chicago in a five-day period.

To do that, I followed my proven “Psychic Sales” template I use to create ALL my sales presentations. This template is responsible for millions and millions of dollars worth of sales.

Big lesson #6My template. What I’m about to share with you is worth an entire lifetime of Gold and DIAMOND memberships. And that is NOT an exaggeration:

  1. Hot title for presentation
  2. What you will discover (3 bullet points all outcome based about what people will learn)
  3. Who this is for (describe your target market
  4. Why should I listen to you (reasons why people should pay attention)
  5. Tell your core story
  6. What you will discover (3 bullet points describing the core content)
  7. Core content (Tell WHAT to do but not HOW to do it. Give useful but incomplete information. Break each piece of core content down into three talking points)
  8. Recap what they’ve learned
  9. Introduce what you’re selling but do not go into detail. Tell them whom your product or service is NOT for
  10. Describe offer. Talk in terms of outcomes and transformations that someone will get from owning your product
  11. Describe bonuses
  12. Build value (you decide on the value)
  13. Give price
  14. Add in the fast action bonuses
  15. Give Guarantee
  16. Call to action
  17. Recap offer (be brief and remember to talk in terms of outcomes and transformations)
  18. Give call to action

You have just been given GOLD.

At last month’s Peak Performers* meeting, I went over this template in detail and had the members start filling it out. In Platinum* we did a full day workshop where we filled this out in detail and members reported great results. It works.

Back to our story…

I followed the same procedure and same template for each of the presentations, including the four-hour Ask the Experts live event I did with Frank Kern, Sally Hogshead, Brian Tracy and Rich Schefren.

I constructed each interview, as it’s own presentation using my template with the guest providing the three pieces of core content.

The results?

We crushed it and exceeded our goal.

I am not at liberty to tell you the numbers but believe me, if you knew where we started and where we ended up, you would be stunned.

Final Big Lesson: Never give up. Never say never. If you know how to market and sell you always have a chance to pull yourself out of trouble, no matter how bleak it might look.

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