Why My Mother Didn’t Stand A Chance

Today you’ll discover the REAL reasons why women over 40 struggle with their weight more than anyone else at any other age.

I see it all the time…

Women over 40 work are working so much harder than ANYONE else yet nothing is ever changing in their bodies…

That set me off on a decades long journey of scientific discovery…

Screen shot 2016 03 23 at 9.40.07 amAnd when I realized that no other fitness expert was talking about the REAL reason women over 40 struggle so much to lose weight it really ticked me off!

It also reminded me of a very sad story that happened over 35 years ago when I was just a little child…

It was on that day that I watched my mom go through the same struggles that you are going through right now… and it broke my little heart to see the tears in her eyes and frustration on her face…

You see, my mom was just like you…

I remember how hard she worked to provide for our family.

She sacrificed everything, including her health.

In fact, one of my first memories in life is also one of my saddest, because it involves my mom struggling to lose weight.

One day, when I was just four years old, we were driving home from town in her big old ugly green car. This was back in the day when no one wore seatbelts, and children could ride up front.

I remember it like it was yesterday…

Sitting in the big passenger seat, I looked over and could instantly tell that she was feeling sad and depressed.

“What’s wrong mommy?” I asked.

“Oh little Craiggy,” she said with a big sigh, “NOTHING is working. I just can’t lose any of this ugly weight.”

She had just left another frustrating Weight Watchers meeting where the scale wouldn’t budge.

At the time she couldn’t figure out what was wrong…

She thought it was her fault she couldn’t lose the weight…

But the reality was that she didn’t stand a chance.

It wasn’t her fault.

And it’s not your fault that nothing has worked for you to lose weight in the past.

Of course today we know exactly why the scale wouldn’t budge for my poor mom… and why it won’t budge for you now.

The same genetic condition that frustrated her then is the same one holding you back today…

It’s crazy to think that a quick car ride in 1979 changed my life and led me to dedicate my life to becoming a world-famous fitness expert so that I could help you almost 40 years later…

But that’s exactly what happened.

You see, I truly believe that moms have the power to change the world…

And that’s exactly why I want to give YOU the power to change with my new fat burning breakthrough…

Screen shot 2016 03 23 at 9.44.33 am

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Taking care of your weight loss at any age,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Let go of the past and grab onto today.

The past is the past. There is nothing you can do about yesterday, and you’re not going to quit, so today you’re going to do better. Let’s focus on the “Today” of your life, not the yesterday. And make it a great one!