More Sex and Infinite Riches

Pretty good headline, right?

Well, that’s what it’s all aboot today.

Gary Young, our head copywriter and all-around “funnest” guy in the office (officially more fun than all the other guys combined!) is here to give you 3 mega awesome tips on how to write better headlines.

From there, you will turn headlines into more sex and infinite riches.

So my subject line, while a little wild, is not untrue whatsoever.

Gary uses these tips, and that’s why he’s more fun.

Enjoy. – Craig


3 Steps to Writing Better Headlines
By Gary “I’m more fun than you, too” Young

If you write a blog post with a bad headline, people won’t click through to read it.  If you write an advertisement with a bad headline, people won’t read it.  If you write an email with a bad subject line, people won’t open it.
And if you write a sales letter with a bad headline – they certainly won’t read the rest and they will NOT buy.

(Thus, no sex or infinite riches for you! – CB)

Suffice to say, headlines are vital.  Now let’s talk about how you can make your headlines more effective.  If you follow the 3 steps below, you will get more people to read your blog, more people to buy your products and more affiliates to promote you.

Here’s how you can rapidly improve the quality of your headlines:

1. Think about the BIG IDEA behind your product.  

No matter how technically skilled you are at writing…without a BIG IDEA behind your promotion, it will fail.  The best way to come up with a big idea is to look at other successful promotions and the BIG IDEA behind them.

Think about things like Stansberry’s “End of America” or Joel Marion’s “Cheat Your Way Thin” or John Caples’ “They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano, but When I Started to Play…”

Those are big ideas and they sold a lot of product.  Once you have your BIG IDEA locked down, the next two steps become much easier.

2. Build a collection of good headlines.  

I keep a running swipe file of best headlines and best performing subject lines.  While collecting these headlines seems like a chore…it’s the most important thing you can do to rapidly write better headlines.

I always start writing any promotion with a stack of index cards that I’ve written headlines on from other people.  After I flip through the cards, I start writing.

3. Write MORE headlines.  

For every promotion I write for Early to Rise, I write at least 50 headlines before I write any body copy.  I take an hour to write out all different variations of headlines.  Usually, I’ll find a few in that 50 that contain a good idea.

And as I write, I come up with more and more good ideas.  Then I’ll combine a few headlines and come up with a good one.  If you’re struggling to begin, I suggest looking through your list of good headlines and mimicking them.  As you write, you’ll refine and improve them for your own product.

If you follow these 3 steps to writing great headlines, I promise you’ll get more subscribers, more sales and your business will grow.


Excellent advice, G-Man.
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Look for the guy having more fun than everyone else,

Craig Ballantyne
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