More Important Than Exercise

The single most important factor in good health is nutrition.

Nutrition is more important than exercise, more important than cardiovascular training, more important than lifestyle. Nutrition is even more important than drugs, surgery, and all the other wonders of modern medicine.

It stands to reason. We are biological organisms with finely tuned hormonal systems. What we put into our bodies has an enormous effect on what we get out of them and how well and long they can perform.

Longtime readers of ETR know my view on nutrition: our bodies evolved over the millennia to operate optimally on organic vegetation and natural protein sources. The introduction of agriculture ten thousand years ago changed all that by introducing grains into our diets. But our bodies haven’t caught up with that change.

Eating lots of grains – even whole grains – puts a strain on our digestive and metabolic systems. Corn especially – which is ubiquitous in the modern diet – is effectively a poison that our bodies must constantly react to and overcome.

You can give yourself great odds on living a long and healthy life by eating the right foods. A recent report put out by Natural Health Dossier supports this view. Our dietary intake, it explains, controls our hormones and our hormones have everything to do with the aging process.

You have probably heard of leptin and its role in stimulating and controlling hunger. But have you ever heard of ghrelin (GRAY-lin)?

Or what about cholecystokinin? Have you ever heard of that?

I hadn’t either until I read this report. Turns out they are really important factors in determining how much you eat and how much fat your body stores.

You can get a free copy of the report by clicking here.