Use these numbers to make more money

Back in the spring of 2006, I began working with Tom Venuto on what would eventually be an epic breakthrough in my Turbulence Training business.

Those lessons have since trickled down to you, so should you ever see Tom (and good luck on that because he never goes to events anymore), make sure wo thank him for helping me.

So I’m paying it forward or backwards and sideways.

The other weekend at Joel Marion’s affiliate party in Florida, I sat down with a coaching client – and top Clickbank vendor to help organize his business. He’s making hundreds of sales per day but isn’t tracking his numbers well.

Here’s what I showed him that he needed in his business. It’s based off a spreadsheet that Tom Venuto gave me back in 2006 when Tom helped me with the original Turbulence Training 3-day launch.

Your spreadsheet should consist of the following…

(…and you can have a VA fill it out, although truth be told, I still fill out some of the numbers in my spreadsheet. I watch my numbers like a hawk to find opportunities and weaknesses.)

Your Numbers to Collect:

Unique visits

Full price front end sales
Upsell 1
Upsell 2
Upsell 3
Full price conversion rate

Trial sales
Upsell 1
Upsell 2
Upsell 3
Trial price conversion rate

Gross Average transaction value Net ATV (after aff commissions) Percent affiliate sales Here’s a sample spreadsheet with results from my program.

In addition to all of the sales that come into your business, you should also pay attention to the numbers you are “sending out”.

Email promotion stats numbers to collect

Subject line
Email sent
Email open
Sales of product promoted

Once you’ve done all this and you start paying attention to these for a few weeks, you’ll notice patterns, and you’ll notice improvements.

Over time, you might whittle your business down to a few key numbers that you keep working on improving in all of your actions.

For me, it’s front end sales. I want more and more and more of these because I know that I have a pretty darned good back-end sales machine system (and that’s where our profit comes from).

So I do everything I can to get front-end sales. That’s what drives the business. Never forget that, and get to know your numbers now.

Get tracking,
Craig Ballantyne

“Working for someone else gives you little chance to make a fortune. By owning your own business, you only have to be good to become wealthy.” – Kekich Credo 25