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Metabolic Workout Finisher Accelerated Results Program

Metabolic Workout Finisher Workout by Mike Whitfield, Certified Turbulence Trainer

It was a big day for a client of mine named Chris.  He hit the 65 lb mark recently.  He has lost that much in just a little over 5 months.  He didn’t use any secret pill or any fad diet, either.  When I asked him, “Chris, what do you think is the #1 secret to your success?”, he responded with one of two things and I’ll let you guess:

“Once a week, I am surrounded by awesomeness, and it’s the awesomeness I find with you Mike”.  OR…

“Paying attention to what I eat, drink lots of water and stay consistent with my workouts even when I don’t want to”.

He said the second one, but I know he was thinking the first one.  Trust me on that.

I’m going to tell you what Chris has done to lose so much weight in a short of amount of time so you can jump start your fat loss or break a plateau you might be experiencing.  It’s a one-two punch that your belly fat doesn’t stand a chance of fighting.  Plus, what has worked has pretty cool initials – MRT and MFs.

Dude, What is Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT)?

What Chris has been using is a combination of Metabolic Resistance Training and Metabolic Finishers to accelerate fat loss.  Why do I find the need to capitalize the first letter in each word of the title?  I don’t know really – but pause for a second and look at it.  It looks cool with the letters capitalized.  Maybe that’s why.  Maybe you’re bored with this paragraph.  Maybe I’ll make this the last sentence of this paragraph.

Metabolic resistance training has been getting a lot of buzz lately due to its fat-torching abilities.  But many people don’t quite understand what MRT is.  It’s almost like strength training and intervals done at the same time.  The reason I put “almost” in italics is because it makes the sentence look awesome.  Seriously, you get the best of both worlds because MRT is strength focused, but with short rest periods and using compound movements, you improve your conditioning.  For example, performing 8 Bulgarian Squats on each leg followed immediately by 6-8 Pullups and then resting for 1 minute is metabolic resistance training.  However, performing bicep curls, resting for 2 minutes and then doing sit-ups, and then finally taking a sip of a protein shake while looking at facebook on your phone is not MRT.

MRT burns a significant amount of calories in a short amount of time due to the compound movements and shorter rest periods.  A program with squats, rows, and pushups set up in a non-competing superset or circuit fashion hits all your major muscle groups in no time.  You not only burn calories while working out, but you also set your body up to burn calories well after the workout – as in up to 38 hours.

So let’s do the math:

Hundreds of calories burned during the workout + Even hundreds more of calories burned after the workout = New wardrobe and feeling dead sexy (too much?)

What are MFs?

Metabolic finishers (MFs) is a way to replace interval training and finish your main strength workout.  They are designed to burn a ton of calories in a very short amount of time, pretty much making you feel spent.  When done right, you will typically have nothing left in the tank once you complete them.  That is why they are at the end of a workout.  Some finishers take only a couple of minutes.

After one of Chris’s main workouts, he does the following circuit 3 times, and rests for 30 seconds between circuits:

1) DB Swings (20)
2) Incline Push-ups (15)
3) Total Body Extensions (15)

As you can see, by incorporating these moves at the end of his main workout, Chris improves his conditioning by working his cardiovascular system without the redundant cardio machines.  He uses his own body and a dumbbell to elevate his metabolism, hitting many muscles in a short amount of time.  This is a great metabolic finisher for his fitness level.

To make the above finisher more difficult and challenging, you can do this:

1) DB Swings (20)
2) Spiderman Push-ups (10 ea side)
3) Burpees (15)

By using a combination of metabolic resistance training and metabolic finishers, you do more in less time, creating an environment within your body that requires a substantial amount of calories to recover.  Yay for science.  Yay for fat burning.  Yay for new clothes.  Yay for the last sentence in this paragraph.

One Last Secret Chris used to Burn 65 lbs of Fat in Less than 6 Months (by the way, this is a long header but you didn’t notice until now, and now you’re chuckling, and now you’re welcome)

Chris has been using metabolic resistance training and finishers for a while now.  He has been typically using superset or circuit fashion workouts lifting heavy early on in his programs (usually in the 8 rep range).  But get this – when he knew he would be busy at work, he would still put in a fast metabolic resistance bodyweight circuit after work, even if he couldn’t complete his main workout.  He would knock out the circuit in 15-20 minutes.

He had this “back-up” program set up of body squats, inverted rows, pushups and cross-body mountain climbers, followed by a 2-minute metabolic finisher for those busy days (he works in retail).

By staying consistent, that has allowed him to drop so much weight in a short amount of time.  So yes, you can use your own bodyweight as a tool for metabolic resistance training.

Using metabolic resistance training and metabolic finishers are the latest tools for creating your own body transformation.  A well-designed MRT and MF program can strip off fat in just 40 minutes a day, 3 days a week.  You can do that.

Mike Whitfield
Certified Turbulence Trainer