Metabolic Finishers QnA

Hey, thanks for all of the nice words about yesterday’s little personal note.

Thank you very much, it means a lot. I want to give back some love…and so I have something exciting to announce.

Yesterday, I hit the backyard out at the farm with ol’ Bally the Dog doing kb presses, some TRX moves, and some power wheel ab exercises.

(I know, I know, I should be baling hay and slopping pigs. After all, slopping a pig is just a like kettlebell snatch, I think.)

Anyways, after the workout I found out that the TRX company has given me THREE TRX’s to give away to TT readers.

Pretty cool, huh?

So stay tuned…on Sunday, I’ll tell you how you can win one.

(And YES, you can live ANYWHERE and still win a TRX from me. I will send it to you, my gift…if you are one of the three lucky winners.)

Now onto our QnA…

Oh wait, one more thing. The new Turbulence Training Workout of the Month is up at and it’s called,

TT Metabolic Finishers – It’s a 4-week program of classic TT (including the super tough superset of Squats and Pullups) combined with a round of metabolic finishers to finish off each workout.

It’s good times…real good times.

So if you’re a member, get in there and download it today here:

By the way, this week I filmed a few bodyweight workouts from an upcoming program called, “24-7 Fat Loss” and woo-boy, my legs were sore for a couple of days from the finishers I added to that program. Fantastic metabolic conditioning there.

More details on that program in a few weeks.

Question: What’s the difference between a circuit and the metabolic finishers? – Brian

Answer: Great question.

First, a finisher is simply about doing an exercise or series of exercises at the end of your workout. In the TT world, Metabolic Finishers tend to be a circuit of bodyweight exercises. However, a finisher could simply be a single exercise.

So a finisher is all about timing.

Second, a circuit could be designed for a variety of different goals. You could have a strength circuit with lots of rest between exercises.

On the other hand, a Metabolic Finisher round would have incomplete recovery.

So there are some differences. A circuit doesn’t necessarily imply that it could be used as a finisher, and a finisher doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a circuit.

Question: How do you do the total body extension exercise? – Ally

Answer: Glad you asked, after all I was doing a lot of this movement this week while filming the 24-7 workouts AND it’s a key component of the new TT Metabolic Finishers.

In TT programs I’ve abbreviated the exercise both TBE and TBX, so I want to apologize for any confusion.

Fortunately, it’s a real simple exercise to do, and I lovingly call it, “The Fake Jump”.

Start with hands in front of you like a bodyweight squat, then drive your hips back into a squat and swing your arms behind you. Explosively drive up with your legs and swing your arms overhead while rising up onto your toes.

So you do everything as you would with a jump, but without actually leaving the ground.

Good times ensue.

Actually, an elevated heart rate ensues and your quads will get fatigued after repeating that for 30-40 seconds.

It’s a great low-impact bodyweight exercise to use in a metabolic finishers system to replace machine intervals.

Question: On my off days is it ok(helpful) to do traditional cardio bike/run? Or would cardio on off days be less optimal; keeping in mind my primary goal of shedding FAT! If there is a better activity I am open to suggestion. – James

Answer: James, it wouldn’t hurt, but I wouldn’t expect it to help much either.

Check this out for the typical off-day program we’d almost all get a lot of benefit from…it’s my infamous “Old-Man Warm-up” that I use almost daily:



Question: Hey Craig, what do you think of those Canadian rugby players with the beards? – Neil

Answer: Ha, Neil. Those are impressive…amazing that one guy only needed 7 months to grow that massive beard. Good luck to them in their final match. They’ll be back and even better in 2015.

Have a great weekend and look for the TRX giveaway soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – If you have a question, just drop by the TT FB page here to ask it: