I’m down in Florida this weekend and will be having a secret conversation with SEO secret agent Nicky Parsons…she says I’m in over my head, but if I get out of the meeting alive I’ll report back to you on Monday.

So I guess I better make this QnA good…could be my last one if Treadstone has their way.
Uh-oh, I’ve probably said too much already. On with your questions…

Question: Do you still use aweber to send your emails? – Brad

Answer: Yes, I use aweber.com for all of my businesses with the exception of EarlyToRise.com. For that, we use a custom built solution inherited with the business.

Question: If you were starting your TTMembers membership site today, would you still use Membergate? – Mike

Answer: No, I wouldn’t. In fact, for my soon-to-be-released 24-7 Fat Loss membership site, we are having a custom solution built on wordpress for less than $4000 and it has a lot of amazing Facebook-like benefits. Only 10 more days until it is released here:

=> http://www.247FatLoss.com

Question: I think you forgot to post about the project you have put together with Matt Smith… First video last Wednesday?

Answer: I’ve emailed about this twice this week.  You’ll find that project here:

=> http://www.anewamericandream.com/sp/6960-fim

Awesome results and I’ll be sharing the details with my Mastermind Members and Financial Independence Monthly readers in next month’s newsletters.

Question: I really want to be successful as a TT Affiliate, but I need your help. I’ve created a website just for TT promos.

I think I’m wrong in the way I’ve set it up. Can you please have a look at it: www.fatlosshomeworkouts.com

Could you please give me some examples of some good websites I can learn from.

I’m busy creating a product for high school rugby players, but I want to be a successful TT Affiliate! – Stian

Answer: Thanks, and good news. Your website is set up properly. A good site to compare it to would be www.workoutmanuals.com.

However, what you need to do is add your own unique content, otherwise you won’t get any visitors to the site.

If you can write 2-3 articles per week, of about 500-1000 words, all based around workouts at home, that will help.

However, you have to weigh the opportunity costs…would writing those articles take time away from other business activities that are more important or profitable?

Always remember to factor in opportunity costs into your business decisions.


And finally…

Email of the week from a friend of mine who used to give me a hard time about scripting my day and having blocks of time devoted to work.

He finally picked up a few habits, and here’s what he had to say about his new time management success:

A lot of things. I’ve become incredibly anal about my calendar now. I seldom do unscheduled meetings or calls unless it’s with an inner-circle type.

With my newsletter, I used to stare at it for hours and let my thoughts meander as I wrote it. I usually wrote point by point as I was writing, it was content creation, live, in motion.

Now I block two 1-hour periods. The first session is in the morning, usually first thing. I start a draft.

After an hour, I’m done. I find that, knowing I have other things on the calendar forces my creative process to work faster.

Then throughout the day, other thoughts come to me. The newsletter sort of germinates a bit, I think more on it.

Later in the day is a second 1-hour block in which I revise and incorporate all the things I thought about during the day… or new things I learned.

During that hour I finalize the letter and set it up for distribution.

I also have set aside some time on the calendar whereby I have a mini-production schedule now.

I actually have a reasonable idea of what I’m going to write about next week and the week after, plus what I’m going to write about in the paid product next month, and the month after.

All in all, I’d say I’ve been much more productive. I’m sorry I ever busted your balls about it.


No problem my friend,
Craig Ballantyne

Now a tough question for you:

“Is the life you’re living worth what you’re giving up to have it?” Ask yourself this often. Make sure you are doing what you do for the right reasons.