Turbulence Training For Meatheads

Over the next few day’s Sports Nutritionists Patrick McGuire and I will share with you the Turbulence Training for Meatheads program designed to help you build muscle in a short amount of time that is fun and gets you the results you want!

So let’s get started.


Patrick McGuire: All right, how’s everybody doing? Hopefully, you’re having a great time. It’s Patrick McGuire from Empower Nutrition. We will talk about this awesome bonus program from Craig Ballantyne, also we’ll talk about the Turbulence Training for Meatheads program. This is a phenomenal product to start with.

With Turbulence Training, every piece fits like a puzzle. It takes you from step A, to B, to C, and all the way through Z. It’s impressive the way he’s put it together, whether he does it on purpose or does it by accident definitely leads into the next. You can definitely take any of the Turbulence Training components anywhere you want to go. I’ve seen the videos of  Craig training down in Australia after hopping off the plane and getting one of the TT short action programs going.

So, here I am going to introduce Craig Ballantyne to you. He’s a mentor to many. He’s a fitness and nutrition professional and is a contributor to Men’s Health, Women’s Health magazine, he also is on a training advisory board for Inside Fitness as well as Oxygen magazine. If you go to  www.TurbulenceTraining.com or TTMembers.com you can find out more information about Craig’s work out programs.

So, Craig, let’s get into this. Give yourself a little introduction – a little more than I’ve given to let everyone know exactly why you put together Turbulence Training to start with. Let’s get into the Turbulence Training for Meatheads.

Craig Ballantyne: Turbulence Training was originally a kind of a fat loss program. It was for real busy people. However, over the years, the Meathead thing kind of evolved from some of the bodybuilders that I used to train back in the day. As they got older – some guys stay with it, but some guys start to get out of it. People are busy, jobs, kids and all that stuff. It’s hard to train that frequently especially training bodybuilding style. You’ll just get worn down over the years.

So eventually I started to wean them off of the five or six days a week body part training, dropping it down to four days a week. Sometimes I’ll put in three day program calling. This is what I call the Meathead program because I consider myself a meathead. I still like that type of lifting and traditional lifting, but with a Turbulence Training slant to it.

This is where we slip in some bodyweight exercises to take external loading off the joints. You’re still getting as many of the classic lifts in with the traditional feeling that you get after a bodybuilding type workout. So it’s really kind of a sneaky way of doing what you would call modern training – which is more of a total body workout.  However, we slip in some exercises in there to make the Meathead happy with the results as you’re getting them pumped  with that type of stuff.

So it’s seriously a lot fun putting those workouts together because it’s how I train now. My friends and old bodybuilder clients get more results with less strain on the rotator cuff, their low back and that type of stuff. Really, that’s how it’s evolved and that’s what we’re working with now.

Patrick McGuire: That’s pretty awesome. I love the little comment you slipped in there – the sneaky way to get the bodybuilders to train total body or the modern body training, Or the Turbulence Training.  Might as well just call it that. Everybody out there is trying to run around with different names. But when it comes down, if you ask me, it is Turbulence Training, it’s turbulent, it’s effective, it’s fast.

So sneaking that in for the bodybuilders and the meatheads. And me by trade, I’m a meathead at heart. I love it, I love every minute of it. As a competitive bodybuilder, I could definitely put in some bodyweight training. I used to do a little bit, but not a lot. Now looking through the Turbulence Training for Meatheads, it definitely makes sense.

I think, Craig, you’re right on the button when you say you’re going to fix some problems and you’re going to take care of some injuries. You’re going to keep them from burning out and doing these little three and four day bursts really will help a bodybuilder refresh their capability. Or even their neuro receptors to fire off a little different.

That all for today. Join me in part 2 were we’ll go over a few training tips.