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5 Mastermind Secrets

We failed miserably.

There we were, Joel Marion, Bedros Keuilian, Vince Del Monte, Mikey Whitfield, Shawna, Kate, Dani Woodrum, Rick Kaselj, and all the top dawgs from our 100K Info Mastermind group

…sitting at a table at Miami’s top steakhouse, Prime 112, and we were facing down 3 giant platters of seafood.

I’ve never ate that much seafood at one sitting – three jumbo crab claws, 2 crab legs, 1 jumbo shrimp, and a giant plate of sea bass. Oh, and a third of their famous Kobe meatball. It was amazing.

We tried to eat this place out of business.

But we failed. LOLz

Oh well, what I didn’t fail at was delivering the best Mastermind weekend ever for our group.

Joel and Vinny were our guest speakers. Bedros laid down the law about getting focused. I shared our super-secret Facebook funnel that is allowing us to buy 1000 leads per day (and making money while doing it!).

And we coached each member individually. That was the best part.

Now you didn’t get the chance to be there and get individual coaching, BUT…Bedros is here to coach you today.

5 Secrets to Making Money Online – By Bedros Keuilian
I wanted to write you this morning and give you some tips about creating, marketing, and selling your knowledge online as an information product. It’s such a great way to reach more people worldwide with your fitness and fat loss expertise.

1. Don’t chase the money, chase your passion.

The number one mistake I see most fitness pros make is that they choose a product idea because they feel there’s a ton of money in the niche when really you should be choosing an idea or niche because you’re super passionate about it and it’s your calling.

2. Another big mistake almost all trainers make in information marketing is they get too general and “wide” with their idea.
Info marketing is about deep and narrow niche marketing. The more targeted and specific your program, the more likely it will sell.

3. The money is in traffic.

It’s not about building a better mousetrap. It’s about being able to get traffic to your products sales page through buying media (Facebook, Google, Bing, YouTube), getting free traffic to your blog by creating great content, and by having strong affiliate support… folks who already have your customers and are willing to mail out an email promoting your program to their list.

4. Even the best fitness info product can’t sell itself.

You gotta know how to sell in print, in person, on the phone, on webinars, off the stage, and websites if you really want the big paydays. Learn to write sales copy and understand and apply direct response.

5. Forget about the details and focus on the end result.

Way too many fitness pros get caught up in the details of how’s and what’s. How should I package my product? Should it be a DVD, downloadable, membership site, ebook, remote coaching? What domain should I buy and what shopping cart should I use?

None of that matters… those are all things that “whisper”. Focus on the things that SHOUT like…

Does my sales copy convert?

Can I buy traffic to my site?

Do I know who my top ten affiliates are?

Those things SHOUT and they make you money.

I could go on and on with this list… but these are the main things for you to focus on…and that’s what I taught in Miami…what a killer weekend 🙂

Bedros Keuilian

PS – Want to know how you can work with Craig and myself? Start here.