5 Steps To Making First 100 Sales Online

Feels so good to have this…

…I’ve enjoyed a week off out on the farm, in Christmas-like weather, resting up and writing, getting ready for my whirlwind travel schedule to end the year.

It starts with a trip to Tokyo next week, followed by a trip to Florida, then Mexico for Mike Geary’s wedding, and then a week in Denver. It all culminates in our annual Toys for Tots Drive day in Denver on Saturday, December 7th, where we hope to buy $100,000 worth of toys for Denver-area kids that otherwise won’t get a Christmas.

(Would you do me a favor? Look up the Toys for Tots drive – organized by local Marines – in your city and try to help them out, even if it’s just $30, that could buy a couple of toys at Wal-Mart for some kiddos.)

Thanks to my week off from travel, I’ve been able to be really consistent with my www.SuccessQnA.com sessions.

A young man named Nate Miller asked me a great question that allowed me to outline a 5-step process for making not only your first sale online, but probably your first 100 sales.

Q: There is so much to do and no one to be accountable to when trying to start an online business. How do you stay on top of everything when it seems so overwhelming. Also, I follow everything from Craig and Mark Ford. But how do you get a mentor when starting out and you don’t have the money to pay for them? – Nate

Nate – Keep it simple. It need not be overwhelming.

Step #1 – Figure out the best product you can create that will solve people’s problems in the niche market you have chosen.

Step #2 – Figure out who has your customers (are they on a certain site, someone’s email list, or specific pages on Facebook?)

Step #3 – Start working your way in front of them.

Step #4 – Create a simple website with great copy that persuades your best customers to buy the product.

Step #5 – Once the site is up, put all of your effort into getting those best customers to your site. It could be writing articles, doing affiliate deals, or buying traffic (start with Google or FB – depending on what is the best way to get in front of them).

The end.

Make some money and then do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

As for accountability, there are 7 billion people on the planet. There is no shortage of people to be accountable to. Find someone.

If you need more help on getting connected, join our Virtual Mastermind program at ETR – email Stephanie at Support@etrhelp.com to get set up.

Thank you Nate, looking forward to your success. You can do it! I believe in you. Now make sure to believe in yourself.

Okay, next….how to find a mentor as a beginner…

First, read all the books you can find. How many times have you read “Ready Fire Aim” by Michael Masterson (aka, Mark Ford)?

That book alone should make you tens of thousands of dollars.

Second, once you are ready to start a personal relationship with a mentor, go local. Find someone that knows more than you. There are millions of people that fit that description. Hang around good people. Almost any successful business person in any industry can – and will – be a mentor.

We don’t need to learn the 10 commandments directly from Moses. There are plenty of other knowledgeable mentors that can guide us. Same goes for business. You don’t need Mark Ford giving you personal advice every day. There are millions of successful men and women that will help you.

Okay, coffee shop time is over, time to run some errands, have lunch, and get back to writing. I’m working on the “ETR Book of the Year” post for you. It’s a book that anyone trying to break into any industry – at any age – needs to read…

Stay tuned for more details,

Craig Ballantyne

“Expect more of yourself.” – Bedros Keuilian