Make Sure You Sell Yourself at Work

Marketing isn’t just for making sales. You need to learn how to market your most important asset – yourself – if you hope to get ahead.

As Michael Masterson says in Automatic Wealth for Grads, “Doing your job well is good. And getting better at it as time passes is better. But unless you let your boss and other powerful people at work know about your progress, you can’t be sure they will help you. Make it a habit to update your superiors, in writing, on the challenges you face and the objectives you’ve achieved.”

Michael recommends that you follow three rules when promoting yourself professionally:

  • Tell the truth. False promotion is worse than none at all.
  • Be generous with credit to others.
  • When reporting your accomplishments, be specific… and keep your ego in check.

Make sure you keep your boss up-to-date on all the hard work you do. That way, he’ll know for sure that you’re worth keeping around.

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