Dog Makes Money with Email

Well, the dog did it again. He earned his keep with yet another  ridiculous email sent to my fitness list.

(Full email below.)

It’s days like these that truly make me realize how fortunate I am, that my dog can send email and make money.

And he can do it even better than I can.

In my recent promotion, I (we) sent three emails to my (our) list.

Two from ol’ CB, and one from Bally the Dog.

His email was responsible for 45 of 100 sales, and almost half the $6600 in profit (after affiliates were paid out).

This email proved two things:

First, that your clients need entertainment (aka – infotainment).

Second, as you’ll see in his email,l see in his email, the Power of the Deadline is Powerful. Deadlines move people to action more than anything else – even more than an email from a funny old pooch.

But most importantly, it shows you that if we can do it (just a silly boy and his dog), then YOU can do it too.

You’re smarter than us, better looking than us, nicer than us, more interesting than us, and I sure as heck hope you smell better than us.

There’s really NOTHING holding you back – but you.

If a dog can make money online, in one of the world’s most competitive and so-called “saturated” marketplaces, it proves that you can too.

It’s all about bringing your BIG idea to the world, adding value, and solving problems.

So simple that even a chocolate lab can do it.

Here’s the email that ol’ Bally the Dog pawed (on his special dog computer from Apple called the iWoof)…

Subject Line: This trainer is insane (certified crazy)

Woof, woof.

Dr. Bally the Dog here, dogcologist, aka, the “Human Whisperer”.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my human, Bally the Human, (aka Turbulence Trainer, Craig Ballantyne) is certifiably insane.

You see, he’s created over 130 Turbulence Training workouts, and he’s practically giving them away today for just $97.

=> Last chance to save $100 and get ALL of the TT Workouts <= (expires tonight)

However, I plan on curing him by midnight tonight through some human walks and belly rubs (mine, not his), s (mine, not his), and so the deal will end tonight.

But for the rest of today only, you can get access to ALL of the 131 Turbulence Training workouts that the insane Bally the Human has created, PLUS every workout he’ll create over the next 12 months…all for just one single investment of $97.

That’s less than 77 cents per workout program.

Best. Deal. Ever. Get it here:

=> Last chance to save $100 and get ALL of the TT Workouts <= (expires tonight)

But hurry, today is the last day to take advantage of this sale, and then the price doubles at midnight.

Not only would it help YOU out big time, but now he’ll be able to pay his dogcologist bills. (After all, my dogcology “human whisperer” methods aren’t cheap!)

Help yourself today,

Dr. Bally the Dog, DMD, DPh.D,
Certified Dog
aka, “The Human Whisperer”


Please note my dog is not actually a doctor, but he is a dog.

A dogtor.

Hurray for the Interwebbingz;
Craig Ballantyne

PS – Listen…

…You will do a LOT of things right in your life, business, and career that you’ll think that NO ONE noticed…and you might get disheartened by this…but trust me…taking action equals attraction of opportunity.

Your hard work is NOT going unnoticed, but instead your efforts are accumulating goodwill and will continue to do so until one day – BOOM – “overnight success”.

Believe me, I know how you feel…but I can promise you, this is how my acquisition of ETR came to be…Taking action every day, Strong & Steady, overcoming obstacles and powering through the dips, trudging onward through tough days, and getting energized by great day…all powered by my clear vision of what I wanted to achieve.

So keep going. Keep pushing. Take action and you’ll get attraction of good people, great opportunity, and EXACTLY what you want  in life.

Do not get down, and never, ever, ever give up.

Everyone here at is with you on your journey, right by your side.