Make Money Online Without a Product

A lot of new readers don’t have their own product, so today, I’ll give you the basics of what to do…

But first, a shout-out, some props, and hats off to Vince Del Monte and Ben Pakulski who are running a textbook Product Launch this week in the fitness world.

Affiliates – check
Fast Action Bonus – check
Rapid Results Bonus – check
Converting Upsell System – check
Urgency Deadline Emails – check

Well done, playa, well done.

It’s almost as if they were following my Product Launch Autopsy that is now available to all Financial Independence Monthly members. You can join FIM and get this bonus here:

Now let’s talk seminar travel plans for 2012.

Question: I was wondering if I planned a trip to the US next year to network and attend an online marketing seminar or two, which ones you would recommend for someone like myself?

It would be great to finally meet some of the people I follow online like yourself. – Clayton

Answer: Hi Clayton,

There are two events, back to back, that you absolutely must attend.

First, the Underground Online Seminar in Washington, Dc.
Underground8, March 1-3, 2012

I have some BIG news about that seminar coming soon.

Second, because you are in the fitness industry, it’s an absolute MUST that you attend Bedros Keuilian’s Fitness Business Summit, March 8-11, Orange Country, California.

I’ll be doing a special evening session on selling products online at that event.

Question: Hi Craig, I just subscribed yesterday, but I do not see how I can benefit from this. Specifically, what about all those 1000-words articles? I really have nothing to write about once I set up my site, and show the product I want to sell.

My website definitely will be static, basically info about the company. But I will hope to use it generating retail sale to people who otherwise will never find out that my cutter is two-and-a-half times more effective than what they could find in the Home Depo.

What can I write about to keep the site fresh and on the 1st page? – Larry

Answer: Easy. You just answered your own question.

If your bolt cutter really is 2.5  times more effective, then you’ll have plenty of examples and stories to tell about people who found out how effective it really is.

Fill your site with success stories.

Question: Hey guys,I’ve been reading your reports and have found them helpful.  Right now, I don’t have a product nor do I think I have time to develop one. Is it a viable option to become an affiliate for other products that I like?  

If so, do you have any recommendations on how to set up a business marketing as an affiliate for others products?  

Do you recommend any training information so that I can get up to speed quickly and accurately? – EJ

Answer: Yes, there is a full section on being an affiliate in the Fast Start Internet Independence manual.

You’ll find everything you need in there.

Essentially, you’ll follow the same steps as if you were selling your own product, but you don’t need to create the product.

You’ll create great content that gets people interested, start an email list so you can sell to your readers, and then promote the products you believe in.

Get the Financial Independence Monthly program and Fast Start Guides here:

Question: Hi Craig. I hope you will be able to answer my 2 questions:

1. As an israeli that want to market and sell information through the internet like you (turbulence), i’m afraid that although i know english very well, my grammer could sometimes make a problems. how do i get over that?

2. In the book ”the four hour workweek”, Timothy ferriss talking about outsourcing and automation. how can i implement this to a business that sell information and need to give value to his readers on a weekly basis?

How can you make automation on a business like ”Turublence training” or ”24/7 fat loss”? – Elad

Answer: Hi Elad, great question.

There is a website called,, that will solve your problems.

You can find people on that site to write articles for you, so that your grammar won’t be an issue.

I have an ‘elancer’ writing articles for me every day. She does 500 words for $14. You might be able to find cheaper.

You can automate the content creation by having them do it for you.

Question: Craig, I have a product idea and would like to get personal coaching from you to bring it to market. – Joe

Answer: Hi Joe, I’m sorry, but I’m not taking any new personal coaching clients.
You’ll get everything you need to bring your product to market in the Fast Start Manual and Online Coaching program here:

If you hired me for coaching, you’d be paying $1000 an hour just to have me tell you to go read Chapters 4-7 because the answers are all in there.

So I’ve saved you a bundle, and you’ll be able to get your product online ASAP. Wishing you the best.

Question: Would you mind sharing the best practices that you have found to make for an effective and productive mastermind group? – Michael

Answer: Well, first you need knowledge. You need someone who knows what they are doing…someone who has taken action and had some success.

In fact, you need all group members to be like that.

Second, you need caring. People need to care about one another. Take the fitness mastermind I run with Bedros Keuilian…

…we have folks like Rick Kaselj who is like the mother bear of the group, taking care of the cubs. And high-energy, caring folks like Sara Dean who are always encouraging others to take action.

This is mandatory.

You need preparation. People must show up ready to work and GSD.

Members must be unselfish. We have guys like Mike Parella who – at his very first meeting – spent an entire hour teaching other members what was working in his business.

He was all give, no take. Just adding value like a hero.

What a great guy and addition to our group.

You need folks who network – who move and shake – not just within the group, but outside the group as well. Who get out there to the conferences (listed above). The folks who are attracting others into their world through action.

And the group must have Passion. Passion for what they do, who they connect with, and passion for straight up helping like heroes.

Just listing that out gets me super-excited for our next Mastermind Meeting in January – Vegas baby, Vegas.

Get pumped,

Craig Ballantyne

“Incalculable effort and hardship over countless generations evolved into the life, values, and happiness we take for granted today.Every day should be a celebration of existence.

Aspire to create, achieve and build onto the great value momentum taking place all around you.” – Kekich Credo #23