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In these last few weeks there have been some huge weights lifted off my shoulders.

Whew. It’s finally all come together.

First of all, the Transformation Contest registration has ended with 47,641 total entries.

As I told the ETR team, that’s pretty darn fantastic. The town where I grew up only had a population of 27,000, so I’m helping almost  double the number of people from my hometown.

And that’s just contest #1. The 2nd one, later this year, will be even bigger and better with over 250,000 entries <= Set massive goals!

Second, we’ve entered a new phase of Turbulence Training’s evolution with the of the Home Workout Revolution system.

With TT celebrating its official 10th anniversary this year, my business
was at risk of becoming a dinosaur if it didn’t adapt and deliver.

I had to change.

I had to STEP it UP.

So we did.

And frankly, what we delivered is something like no one else in the industry has delivered yet…

Follow-along, NO-equipment, bodyweight-only workout videos as a front-end product for just $47.

We put a lot of work and love into these videos, and the response from long-time TT customers – and new customers – has been amazing.

The new program came about because I listened to the feedback.

I kept my antennae up for the Zeitgeist of the Industry.

And I followed a couple of classic Dan Kennedy recommendations, including:

“Find people with unmet specialized needs and match yourself to them.”

The only person who is doing this better than me right now is Rick Kaselj.

What a turn of events his business has taken (thanks to some help from Mike Westerdal, but still, Rick is striking while the iron is hot).

Rick has done well with his ideas because he is out there “mucking it up” in the market and keeping his ears to the ground and his antennae up for the Zeitgeist.

Plus, Mike Westerdal has made a wise decision because he is following another great piece of advice from Kennedy:

“Move from masses to classes.”

Westerdal (not to be confused with “Pancakes Whitfield” realized that he needed a new foothold in the marketplace and knew that while the fat loss workout space was crowded, no one was really addressing all of the common injuries.

Enter the Rick.

Rick with his specialized programs and Westerdal with his extensive knowledge and connections have become a force to be reckoned with in the fitness info space because they are listening to the feedback (of not only the end user, but also their affiliates).

On the other hand, people come to me with ill-conceived ideas all of the time because they aren’t paying attention to the feedback.

You must know your market better than me.

You must be studying your competitors, the magazines in your markets for hot topics, and knowing the wants, needs, and primal desires of your end user.

Once you have your idea, then put it to the test.

Create a low priced report or program and test the sales response to it.

This is much better than doing a survey because the TRUE voting is done with people’s wallets – not opinions.

We found this out at ETR when I released several Kindle products in early 2012.

They sold really well. So that led me to create the ETR Transformation Kit. And it’s at almost 2,000 copies sold without even going to affiliates.

My next goal is to find more solutions to deliver to the Transformation Contestants.

What problems do they still have that are not being solved? Surely there is content in this old brain that can be mined, polished, and delivered to our members in need.

In order to find this out, we must get in their and muck it up. We need to be on top of the daily updates finding where the holes are in their best laid plans.

Scour the feedback. Keep your antennae up. Keep plotting the course until you
have an “A-ha!” moment.

That’s how you find new opportunities to deliver more value to the world.

Craig Ballantyne

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” ― Mahatma Gandhi