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Airplane wi-fi to the rescue. It allowed me to catch up on a ton of work yesterday, and so here’s your first II update written at 33,000 feet…

First, thanks for all the feedback on yesterday’s Outsourcing email. Lots of responses, and I appreciate all of them – and your questions – on every post I send out. I’m really thankful for all of our readers.

This week we easily had a “most popular question”. It was a follow-up to Rick Porter’s fantastic website SEO post.

So many people wrote in to ask,

“What link building software does Rick use?”

Here is Rick’s answer:
Senuke X – does everything, but very expensive, although the expense is worth it if you have multiple projects and multiple sites.

Magic Submitter – comparable to Senuke X but half the cost, very powerful and excellent training and support

Bookmarking Demon – mass social bookmarking

Article Marketing Robot – article directory and blog submittals

Scrapebox – mass blog commenting

Ksoft RSS Submit – submits your RSS feed to over 100 RSS directories

SEO Link Robot – good overall link builder, lowest monthly cost, but least powerful and interface takes some getting used to

SEO Link Robot and Senuke X both have integration with The Best Spinner.  This means you can add your article, and it will use your Best Spinner account to automatically spin the article for you prior to submitting it..

(Just don’t add plutonium to the flux capacitor, or you’ll end up back in 1955. – Craig)

Question: Craig, thanks for all the info it’s really helping me get out there. Who designs your ebook covers? And who comes up with the awesome ideas (i.e pic and name headers) for you TT ebooks? – Grant

Answer: Hey Grant, I use a fantastic team in New Zealand at

You can also try or, recommended by my friend Rusty from Fitness Black Book. (After all, when a shark’s designing your website, it’s gotta be good, right?)

As for the e-book cover ideas, those are all mine. You gotta have fun with it.

Just wait till you see the next cover…my dog will be wearing a wizard’s hat – just like the one he wears in real life.

Question: When will the next online business transformation contest be? – Stian

Answer: Hey Stian, great to hear from you. Not sure when the next contest will be…probably in a couple of months. I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks profiling our best entries from this contest.

Have a great weekend,

Craig Ballantyne

Failure means you’ve stopped. So don’t stop. Keep at it. The more you move in the right direction towards success, the better you’ll feel. Everyday work on making new positive habits second nature – make them automatic.

  • Twice, i wanted to purchase the SenukeX but stopped half way in my tracks after going to the paypal page for payment.

    I am not really sure, whether another Google update will wipe out the site traffic, if i use Senuke X. Just like Google did it for Xrummer and Scrapebox with the Google Panda update.

    Plus, when i checked with my SEO team, (one of the top rated SEO companies on Elance), they told me, not to use any automated software.

    Plus, i am not so sure about the full features they offer without trying the software first. Is it worth the risk Craig?

    Do let me know your thoughts…

  • Craig, I love your blog and most of your advise. I learn from it a lot and really appreciate it! However I’m not sure about all this automated software. Yes, it supposed to save time, but it also makes blogs so fake! And this is exactly what Google is fighting, and I’m glad they do!

    Blogging supposed to be all about creating real, original, genuine value for readers, like you do, Craig, not having some machine spitting out content.

    And that Scrapebox thing?! It is the devil that I have been fighting every day on my blog! I get over a thousand completely fake, useless, and ridiculous comments, from persons who never bothered to visit my blog and never read any of my posts. And yes, I delete every single one of them. Why should I give them space on my blog?

    And make no mistake about it; no matter how sophisticated these machine-generated comments are, they can be detected from a mile! They always sound totally fake! I’m certainly not going to let them contaminate my space! And I feel sorry for anyone who is so desparate they feel the need to use such tactics!

    I think the principle of not doing something to others that you wouldn’t want others to do to you applies to blogging just as much as any other area in life.

    Software, hardware, or whatever other ware that helps create a genuinely good blog is all well and good. But all this spinning articles stolen from others and posting fake comments… this is totally against the Universal laws of abundance, cooperation and creating genuine velue. It cannot bring lasting result.

    Just my two cents…(c;