11 Laws of Health & Fitness

We’re nearing the finish line of my 9-part interview with Tony Horton, but if you missed part 7 where he reveals the four-letter word that has helped countless people reach their fat loss goals, then make sure to have a read.

But don’t go too far because today in part 8, Tony brings it all together with his 11 Laws of Health & Fitness….


Tony Horton: It’s fun because on Facebook I can access so many people at once.  facebook

I mean, I – I think – I don’t know if you read my blog called “When I’m 85.”  I couldn’t believe I got, like, 110 comments in the course of 12 hours, because those things mean something to people.  Those are stories.  I always tell people that you can give all the facts and figures in the world, but if you just tell a real, a true story about somebody, that’s – that’s why P90X infomercial has so much success.

We don’t pay a single – all these celebrities use P90X.  A lot of them ask us to be in our infomercials for free, but we turn them down because we don’t need them.

People sitting at home, real people sitting at home, wanna watch real people on their television. They don’t wanna watch some megastar talk about the program.  I mean, all the information – all the infomercials that you see that have celebrities – they are paid money to say what they say.  We don’t have to do that, and we have the most popular products in the country, because it works, because it’s real and it’s truthful.  Ooh, what a shock, huh?

Yeah, the truth – will set you free, man. The truth isn’t easy.

It’s sometimes a jagged little pill to swallow, but good things come to those who are willing to work hard, you know?

I mean – and if there’s a guy like me who can deliver it in a way that is fun, that is motivating, that is inspiring, that has some information attached to it –

I wrote these 11 laws of health and fitness:

Variety, consistency, intensity, purpose, reality, sport, the plan, stress and sleep, loving it, flexibility, and food and supplementation.

It’s – I’m doing a camp in Hawaii in a couple of days, and that’s one of the seminars:  How do those 11 things change your life forever? And in an hour and a half, maybe not all 11 will mean something to you, but at least 4 or 5 will.  And if you can get – hold lightbulbonto those four or five, like if that light goes on above your head and you say, “Oh, my God, I never really realized that I’m not getting enough sleep,” you know, you – some folks all of a sudden will change their sleep pattern, and everything will change for them.

Another one, too, is – number nine is “loving it.”  Why do exercise you don’t love or at least tolerate?

“Yeah, but everybody else is doing Pilates; I should –”  No, if you hate it, go to the spin class you always loved, because it’s a hell of a lot better than you fighting something that’s popular that you don’t like.

These are simple rules that, when you get it figured out, man, it’s just a whole lot easier to stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life.

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