Kind of a Big Deal?

Ha, so recently, on one of the 85 podcasts I’ve recorded this year, the host called me a “kind of a big deal.” 

 That’s clearly up for debate.

But we did have a fantastic interview… Here’s all the cool stuff you’ll learn:

How to use my 5 pillars of success to achieve EXACTLY what you want in life…



1. Better planning and preparation

2. Professional accountability

3. Positive social support

4. A meaningful incentive

5. Big deadline.


Listen today to hear about his five-pillar system to increase your productivity and improve your business!



5:05 – Introducing Craig Ballantyne!

8:21 – Craig discusses how he got involved in the personal development space

9:56 – Craig’s expertise in personal discipline and how he helps others

10:41 – Craig on his decision not to swear as a personal choice

13:07 – Influences in Craig’s professional life: Michael Masterson, Mark Ford and Dan Kennedy

16:10 – The importance of role-playing sales transactions in coaching

17:50 – Craig overcame medical anxiety with his 5 pillar system of success: 

19:55 – Craig reflects on his success as a weight loss coach and his personal impact on others

24:15 – The importance of reaching out for help in life and using coaches to accomplish goals

26:00 – Craig’s greatest life lesson is the power of people and not trying to do everything on your own

27:17 – Early to Rise’s core values: Never ever give up on what is important to you. However, know what it is that is important and give up the rest.

29:26 – Listen for Craig’s recommended reading list: Man’s Search for Meaning; The Art of Living

34:20 – Craig on the importance of gratitude journaling as a life-changing habit

36:20 – How to be a great speaker by being entertaining and making listeners feel good

38:00 When is the right time to get a coach?

40:50 Craig explains what drives him to do what he does as a coach and in business


That was one of the best I’ve done.


HOWEVER, if you’d rather hear me speak in person, this is my schedule…


Sept. 19th – Speaking at the Stansberry Seminar, Las Vegas (Oops, you missed it!)

Sept. 30th – 7-Figure Personal Trainer Mastermind, San Diego

Oct. 3-4th – Attending Joe Polish’s Genius Network Annual Event, Phoenix

Oct. 20th – Creating a Perfect Day Course for

Oct. 21-22nd – Speaking at the East Coast Fitness Summit, Orlando, Florida

Oct. 27th – Speaking at Worldwide Financial Advisors Mastermind, San Francisco

Nov. 3rd – Speaking at GKIC Info-Summit, San Antonio

Nov. 8th – Visiting Bedros for coaching, Orange County, California

Nov. 9th – Speaking at the Heart-Core Marketing Mastermind, Los Angeles

Nov. 10th – Teaching a 1-Day Info Mastermind, Orange County

Nov. 11th – Teaching a Perfect Day Formula Small Group Session, Orange County

Dec. 2nd – Speaking at ETR’s CEO Seminar, Denver

Dec. 3rd – ETR’s 5th annual Toys for Tots Charity Drive & Christmas party, Denver

Jan 12-13th – Coaching at our $100K Info Mastermind, New Orleans

Jan. 28-Feb. 3rd – Speaking at the CIBC Financial Advisors Summit, Panama City

Feb. 4-10th – Hopefully visiting Simon Black &, Santiago, Chile

March 23-26th – Speaking at Fitness Business Summit, San Diego

April 19th – Teaching a 1-Day Mastermind with Bedros Keuilian, Toronto

May 10-11th – Coaching at our $100K Info Mastermind, San Diego

July 6-10th – Speaking at the 8th annual BlackSmith Camp in Lithuania

Yep, finally, we’re having our first Mastermind event in Canada. But that’s not until next April. If you need help before then, make sure to get to one of our other events.

Go to this website to reserve your spot at our next 1-Day Mastermind.

See you soon,


Craig Ballantyne


PS – Every problem starts with you…


…How you perceive it, how you respond to it, how you communicate it, and how long you leave it unresolved. You can fix it, starting now. You have the resources and the skills to make progress. If you want to solve it, then get after it